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[minimod] Bubble 'Em! (enemy death alternative)

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Bubble 'Em! is a mod for GZDoom engine games. With this mod enemies don't die, they are put in safe bubbles instead.







  • purely cosmetic (doesn't affect gameplay)
  • universal* (compatible with every GZDoom game)
  • sound effects



This mod should be compatible with every GZDoom game and mod. However, if death animations include body parts that fly away, with this mod they will still fly away.


Incompatible mods

  • Zrift - Chasm in Doom - LE: enemies are invisible inside bubbles (checked on v1.1).
  • mk-champions (Champions): invisible enemies (checked on v2.666).



You may also like somewhat related mods by other authors:


Fading Corpses Universal by Beed28

No Ultra-Violence by Pompous Seed
noblood.deh by Linguica


Edited by m8f

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Thank you for creating a safe space inside DooM. I do not understand my past lifestyle anymore and how I have been able to do what I have done... killing and slaughtering thousands if not millions of demons. I sincerely want to apologize to every single demon I have killed, all their families and everyone else who was hurt by my selfish, inhumane and toxic actions. 

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That's the funniest DOOM-related thing that I've seen in ages, perhaps ever.

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I wonder if there are more anti-gore mods. I believe I saw a mention of an anti-blood mod (besides noblood.deh), but I couldn't find anything. Or maybe I'm imagining things?

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IIRC, Samsara had a no-gore mode.

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Imp fireballs and Cyberdemon Rockets should get their safe space too. What if you pop their personal bubble? 

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