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How do you configure _START and _END in Slade 3?

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I've been working on a map but I don't know how to configure the start and end lumps, how do I do it?

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You don't.

Just use a program like GZDooMBuilder or heck, Slade-3's internal map editor and the rest falls into place.


Unless you mean for custom textures, flats or sprites then its



** Sprites go here **



Make sure sprites are offset correctly otherwise they could crash DooM (if doing vanilla)



** Flats go here **

FF_END (sometimes F_END?)


When converting flats to the DooM palette, there's a special "flat" option you NEED to select since all vanilla DooM flats are 64x64


PP_START (No idea why it's PP of things >_>)

** WALL textures go here **



In the case of wall textures, you need to:

1 - right click a converted texture and select "add to patch table". It will then mention you didn't add one, this is okay as Slade 3 will allow you to generate a new one. Select the inherit from base wad to allow your new wall textures to work along with the vanilla ones.


2 - select all of your wall textures that need adding and then click "add to patch table" and also click "add to TEXTUREx" (usually TEXTURE1 will be used)


** Textures outside of these main 3 brackets are usually best reserved for HUDs, main menu graphics and other textures **


PS: There's a segment of the forum dedicated to mapping questions. <3

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@DynamiteKaitorn Im a mac user so I can't use doom builder, also I need to import a custom midi file I made but that can only be done with SS_START and SS_END lumps, I want to know how to create those.

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In Slade menu: Archive > New > New entry, then name it SS_START/SS_END

But I'm sure midi files don't need enclosing lumps.

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(S)S_START/(S)S_END is for sprites, not for sounds or music tracks.

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On 6/28/2020 at 11:41 AM, Goopymonster said:

@Gez Then how can I get the music to play in my wad?

you have to look up the lump names, then you have to label the midi's as the names of the doom 1 or 2 music. Example: D_E1M1 or D_RUNNIN

SLADE 07_03_2020 10_01_06 AM.png

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