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Phaser_Foundry.WAD (Single map, vanilla assets)

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Howdy do. A challenging map set in a UAC foundry.


Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/abxn065k4giig8x/phaser_foundry.zip?dl=0



This map is probably the hardest map I've ever willfully worked on. It's certainly harder than I'm usually comfortable making. (Although I imagine compared to a lot of other WADs out there, this is nothing too extreme)

This was basically me trying to un-learn a lot of the design philosophies that I picked up when mapping for Half-Life games. Thing about those games is that they're typically designed around creating interesting environments and then seeing what gameplay can be created based on those locales. Doom is kind of the other way around. It's a much more encounter-oriented game, and thus it has a lot of design decisions that allow you to give the player a much more difficult run without just being completely cheap (If you make a map in HL2 that frequently spawns enemies behind the player, expect people to be mad). So basically, I made a map trying to use Doom's challenge at its core. It mostly focuses on resource management, especially in the earlier half, and I think I created some fairly fun encounters too. Hopefully I struck a balance that keeps the game from turning to complete bullshit.

Please give feedback on how you feel it turned out!


Sidenote: This is very much so a "gameplay first" map. Detailing isn't much better than Base Doom 2 stuff.


Only custom thing is the music I used, which is "Bounds of Foundry" from Unreal: Return to Na Pali


Compatibility Rules:

As always, I'm pretty loose about how I design things for GZ Doom.

Jumping and Crouching are both allowed, but never required for secrets or progression.

You can probably get away without freelook, but I would still recommend it.

I would recommend you make sure monsters aren't set to have infinitely tall hitboxes, there are a few moments where that would be needlessly inconvenient.


Screenshots (Taken on Hurt Me Plenty):





Tested primarily with Ultra-Violence

HINT: Remember that Berserker packs last the whole map, don't be afraid to do some punching to conserve ammo!

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fix the switch to raise the bridge, it's repeatable :)


anyway, good map and nice difficulty, enjoyable!




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This is a fun romp of a map, mate. Progression was straight-forward but wasn't predictable or dull at any point and a good challenge. While it doesn't stand out in any particular way, it makes up for it by being just a really solid all-rounder that never leaves you feeling like it's going too easy on you. Just a fine map for someone trying to return to form. I'd love to see more from you.


Here's my playthrough:
HMP | running on GZDoom + Hellrider




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Just played through this on UV+Brutal. I liked it a lot! Didn't jump or crouch.


I did save a few times from about half way through after I was gibbed. I think it was the first archie that got me good... I liked the layout and the gameplay was nicely balanced with plenty of ammo (though I think Brutal helped here with zombie corpse ammo drops etc.),


I didn't see any glitches anywhere, though as you said it was definitely more shoot than sightsee...


Cool map.

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