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Pełzająca Część Twarzy

My forgotten snapmap

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Back in 2016 i was enjoying new Doom game very much. I try to have all the achievements and one of them was to make and publish a snapmap. Sure i could just take default sets and published, get achievement and move on but i wanted to put some effort to it. So i started work on my little snapmap.
Back then i've play campaign a few times already and i like it very much but i felt it miss few things. One of that things was absolute mayhem! Last few levels provide really crazy fights, with lots of monsters at once but there's only few fights like this and you could easily get through them by using powerups, bfg or some other overpower stuff. So, i wanted to fill that empty space with my map. The idea was to make hardcore Doom 2016 mission, not something weird thing that share with doom only engine. So maybe it is not very orginal idea, is classic arena-corridor loupe as Painkiller, Serious Sam and... Doom 2016 but is very fun to play, at least I like it. 
Of course my map drowned in spam of hundreds mediocre maps on the main board that probably nobody check it out. And i'm not surprised, i try few times get through that shits and it was so hard to find something half-okey, and even then i dont feel it was worth my time. I understanded that Snapmaps will never be new version of custom WADs.  So i show it to my friends, they like it and thats end of its story. Nobody seen it ever again.


And now I decide to give it another chance, here it goes, my first and only snapmap: Z3CNC4BL

What to expect?
1) Doom Slayer start with: dubble jump, frag granade, shotgun with no rechargeing grenade launcher (very cool, try out, you cant have it in main game), Have Rifle with micromissile and + 20% movment speed
2) You have 3 life, when you die you respown with full health, armor and ammo but monsters get +20% dmg bonus, so dont die. When you die 3 time it's game over, also in last room (miniboss fight) you will game over immediately after die (no matter how much life you have) due to technical issue, sorry
3) Expect hardcore fights that will grow even more hardcore when you kill stuff. But is never too much to take on, I really put my heart to balance this fights
4) Dont miss Supershotgun in first big room! Is not hide but everyone who played this, miss it somehow

For people that not familiar how Snap Maps works, expect little difference in gameplay compared to main game. Glory kills are sometimes weird to perform, chainsaw doesn't have its own key (my tip is to pick supershotgun and roll your mausewheal up), Gauss cannon have only few shot, shotgun and super shotgun have separate ammo etc. 

Looking back on this, I'm happy to say that Doom Eternal filled the same hole (and much more of course) that i tried to filled with that map




Post youre video if you recorded one ;) 

Edited by Pełzająca Część Twarzy : Add screenshots

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