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How to get the total time of an episode speedrun?

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Hello lovely people! After watching some video's by Karl Jobst and coincident, I got inspired to try speedruns (UV Max). Although this will just be for myself, because I'll never come close to actual world records.


I assume GZDoom is the one and only way to play the game on modern PC's. I managed to figure out how to record and play demos. But how do you get to see the normal level summary after the last level, that includes the total time, like e.g. in coincident's world record? I just see the story ending.


Sidenote: one of my goals is to find a fellow player who would like to try a speedrun in co-op. I'm already trying to find the best path for two players to finish maps on Knee-Deep in the Dead.


P.S. Sorry if this should be in the speedrun subforum, but I guessed that's only meant for posting actual results.

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Posted (edited)

i'm not really a speedrunner myself, but i recommend you record demos on prboom plus, since that one has the most demo compatibility.

edit: the sourceport i recommended also shows the total time of the episode at the last level

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Posted (edited)
10 hours ago, MatrixCL said:

I assume GZDoom is the one and only way to play the game on modern PC's.

Due to drastic behavioural and engine differences, GZDoom is not considered a valid source port for speedrunning. You'll want PRBoom+, Crispy Doom, Chocolate Doom or Competition Doom for the task. Eternity is also potentially viable but generally isn't considered officially, though it can still record vanilla compatible demos so you can use it, but it'll probably be wise to indicate if you are using the port.

Of these options, I believe Prboom+ and Competition Doom will show the end-of-episode times you seek.


Your best options for co-op speed runs are Chocolate Doom and Crispy. PRBoom+'s netcode was barely if ever maintained and probably only works incidentally, while Eternities is the old -net setup from Linux Doom and not exactly user friendly. Crispy's is Chocolates, of which Chocolates netcode has a fancy PID controller and a lot of engineering work put into it which should make it usable over medium latency connections.

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Oh wow, I didn't know there were so many. Thank you for the detailed answer!

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