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How do you make monster cages that are seethrough

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I've been making a wad, and I've decided to create tower but the thing is when I tried putting a monster in the top of the tower with a cage providing as an opening shoot it at, the cage sprite instead goes black in the spaces instead of being see through. Any help?

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You are supposed to use middle texture for grates and bars and the like. Not upper or lower. Those won't be transparent and won't be shootable through either.

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It would probably be best if you attach your attempt somewhere so me and others would have better ideas what you did. Then it would be clearer. Maybe I assumed what you did wrong entirely incorrectly.

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Middle textures are just another slot for textures on any line. You have upper, lower, and middle. Typically you will use middle for walls against the void, but out in open areas, middle can be used for this purpose.


Edit your tower walls and go to texture selection. Choose middle, and then a grate texture.

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27 minutes ago, Goopymonster said:

@RonnieJamesDiner oh so I guess I could try that also, a my little pony fan that likes doom? Thats an interesting mix. I won't make fun of you because I used to be bronie.

don't worry im a Fucking Five Nights at Freddy's Fan

You can make fun of me now

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Just an FYI @Goopymonster that there is a separate subforum for Editing Questions.


Edit: @Goopymonster The way it works is the ceiling is lowered and the floor is raised. You texture those as per normal. You then put MIDGRATE to be your 'mid texture'. If you know how to make a raised floor and a lowered ceiling then you can make this.



Edited by xvertigox

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5 hours ago, Goopymonster said:

@RonnieJamesDiner Im a little confused can you give me a bit more info on how to make the grates, as in how you extended it up and how you formed the middle space


If you are confused then may I suggest that you do a bit of reading:




Edited by Kappes Buur : grammar

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