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DOOM Eternal - Eppeziller 1 | DOOM SnapMap

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DOOM Eternal: Eppeziller 1 is a DOOM SnapMap created by Dingenouts076 w/ Map ID: HDBRF8JC. This map features new doom eternal mechanics like double-dash, flame-thrower, blood-punch and much more. | #DOOMEternal #DOOM #DOOMSnapMap


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This is quite impressive. No clue how some of that's being accomplished.

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Snapmap is such an underrated feature that should be as popular as WADing and Modding in the original DOOM games. it is such a shame that people think of it like it is simply a premade map that you can place only in-game enemies and textures into. Custom enemies can totally work in the game, as seen with the custom boss at the end. if only people put the same time into it that they put into their own WADs, there could be entirely new games created in the DOOM game. I've always wanted to see a map which has a Wolfenstein feel to it, and I have a feeling it could be made! I hope more people use it and get great at it!

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