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Looks like ID did not forget about DOOM RPG

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Honestly, this series has just been amazing, all of the skins look great and references like these just go to show how much the developers are passionate about this franchise. Through a fun new map, and some cool filters and you got yourself a pretty well made update.

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34 minutes ago, Nevander said:

They don't really look all that alike.

It's an obvious reference though. Same names, recolors. Ghoul even uses the same shade.


The Blue Fire arch-vile also somewhat resembles the Apollyon.


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Despite the colors or names being switched, its still a neat easter egg and i feel like some people at id would love to see those games being brought back.

Knowing a certain project i know that's about bringing these games back and the history behind Doom 64 ports, i wonder if something could happen...




MetaDoom kinda switched the RPG Revenants' names too when the name Fiend was given to the red fleshy D2016 Revenant i guess


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