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If future updates you’re can play doom slayer but with different characters?

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Developers not want take Doom so seriously! Doom:Eternal felt game made for gamers who love not genetics is it just have fun with it! Like mostly the skins we get Zombie,Doomicorn,Mullet Slayer and recently new Cosplayer Slayer, how amazing seeing this cosplay in cutscenes and gameplay just killing demons with style of you’re costumes you’re wear in shooting raze. Also if id Software continues with future updates with more skins in future? Here are some fours skin ideas would like seem in Doom:Eternal future updates. Also no one have a problem with playing as Women or A Black Person! Because two of four skins are from Quake III Arena (It believed it canon?)  both Crash and Phobos. Also the four skin is from another series who fans make fan arts of doom slayer and have similar interesting killings monsters and both share last name that “Slayer”  my son. And what you’re think about skins ideas what you’re thoughts and what idea for slayer skins. According to leaks demons have more skins than Slayer (with only 4 slayer skins) nothing wrong have more skins for the Doom Slayer. Right?

Night Sentinels Skin


Phobos 2nd (the character and changing model of player)

“My spirit is indomitable. I will persevere and survive this.”

          Crash (Changing The Models of Doom Slayer)


     Goblin Slayer (model still be same. But with different hair and scars on his face)


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As I've said before, Night Sentinel armor to me just looks out of place in this game. It's like some random dude from Tron showed up with a shotgun and huge sword wondering where his world had gone. Of course the ones in the campaign have just spears though.

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1 hour ago, Redneckerz said:

@Batstick please use a translator, because it is very difficult to comprehend what point you are trying to get across. 

deepl.com has become my favorite translator.

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