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What I want HP

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If you always wondered what people wants go there.

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I love the concept of this thing, but it contains adult material and such is considered unacceptable on these forums.
Not because we necessarily frown upon such, but because these pages are viewed by minors.

Sorry if I sound like a prude, but I don't like to see members banned.

P.S. This thing rocks, big time.

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Herrr...What to say...
Ok please don t ban me.I totally forgot minors where in this community and low say i can t show these kind of things...But these are only drawings.

Whatever Thanks.

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DOOM Anomaly said:

Im assuming that this post was ment to be a post in here.....Right?

What thread? :P

Anyway, Cactus, I remove the link for the time being... we can't allow adult material, even if it's as good as yourse.
I think you should set up a non-adult page so that you can link to it.

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MMmmm i think i am not going to add Minor page to my site :D
Anyway ,thanks for saving me from ban Julian...

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