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Duke Nukem 64 PC port

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I've added Duke Nukem 64 support to Rednukem (port of BUILD engine games based on Duke3D codebase using EDuke32 technology).
You need to put Duke Nukem 64 cartridge ROM dump(Eu or USA version) into your Rednukem folder. Optionally you can add MIDI tracks from DUKE3D.grp or music folder from Megaton Edition and put into same directory.
Splitscreen and multiplayer modes are not implemented and i'm not sure if i'll implement them at all.

I would thank Fox, Hendricks266, TerminX, Maxi Clouds, NY00123, oasiz and Dzierzan for their help, suggestions and contributions.


You can get latest build of Rednukem here:

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This is a great achievement! As a DN64 fan, I am very happy to know this.
Speaking of which, can we expect the same treatment for Total Meltdown sometime sooner or later?

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