As a follow up to this thread where I compare the sound of 40 different soundfonts, I decided to make a quick tutorial for Windows users on how to go about using soundfonts for Doom music.   It really is very easy, and I was concerned some potential users were being turned away for fear of complexity. In reality, it takes just 3 minutes:     Download Virtual MIDI Synth here: Download pack of 40 soundfonts here, 1.25 GB: Download pack of 20 here, 395 MB (better for slow connections): Download 10 drum soundfonts here, 33 MB:     PLEASE NOTE: While this hasn't happened to me, there have been reports of the included uninstaller deleting random files from the computer. This has never happened to me on my Windows computers, however, I thought it was worth mentioning [sorry, Yumheart :(  ] I would recommend manually removing the files just in case!