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My most terrifying Doom WAD, "Mai Furst Waed!!1"

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This is a joke wad based on the concept of "first wads".


No screenshots, because no first wad has screenshots, also because I can't get the default Windows game screenshot thing to work in GZDoom.


Play on GZDoom, pretty sure others won't work.




(Please don't delete this post, the no screenshot thing was both because of technical problems and for atmosphere.)

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Its great in all the wrong ways!
wow i thought i could take it seriously and beat it but I cant even get around without getting killed! i like it

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9 hours ago, AtticTelephone said:

I can't get the default Windows game screenshot thing to work in GZDoom.

But you can just automatically save screenshots with Print Screen button, no? Or is it also part of the joke.

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laterally nodody toks liek dis


level 1 had a fun beginning (the best gameplay in the whole mapset) but then of course it went bad. Cool aesthetic though. I had no idea it's possible to create a HOM on the ceiling. And I guess it wouldn't work in vanilla. You're really putting ZDoom's advanced capabilities to good use!


level 2 doesn't really have gameplay. the meat tunnel with the grate at the end is kind of cool though.


level 3 has a seriously cool concept actually. It's a race against time!


level 4 has archviles again, which makes it more fun, but not as fun as the beginning of level 1.


level 5 is unplayable again (or at least unmaxable), but I really loved the inexplicably detailed room off to the side. What was that even about?!


level 6 is not really a a level but I still liked it.


So yeah! 3/10, could be worse (worse in a bad way). Makes me want to make my own jokewad that's better than this one.

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I don't think it's quite captured the spirit of my first mapping attempts, but some stuff was unironically inspired. I don't quite understand why did I die when I killed Romero on level 2a and where did the floor go.

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2 hours ago, DynamiteKaitorn said:

I think you forgot the most infamous noob mapper mistake:

Flats being used as wall textures / wall textures being used as flats.

Is it necessary a mistake though?


I'd like to add that I unironically loved that part where I shot something and legion of pinkies poured out, this sort of things are my favourite, I should do more of them in my maps. And corridor with spawner cubes was also unironically fun, but it's probably not going to be stable since it's not map 30.

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