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New WAD - No Panic

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This is quite possibly one of the worst DooM slaughtermaps I've ever played.

From the start you HAVE to shoot/punch the switch which alerts all of the enemies. Once you do this, a ton of revenants in all 4 corners rain hell fire down upon you and after 2-3 seconds, arch viles start spawning in and you've got no way of killing them quickly or easily. On top of that, you've only got ~10-20 rockets so even if you perfectly dodged all of the revenants shots, the rocket launcher will run out of ammo before you've killed all the archviles.


Lastly, if the screenshots are anything to go by you don't get any other weapon besides the rocket launcher which is a horrendous idea.

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What does the Tool Assistance you used in the video do?
And can you beat your own map without Tool Assistance?

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@CrazyDoomguy next time you publish a map that you haven't been able to beat without using TAS features, say in the OP that you haven't been able to beat your own map without TASing it. People coming here under the assumption that what they get to download is actually feasible without TASing will simply feel like their time's being wasted, or worse, that they're being trolled. I, on the other hand, know what kinds of maps you usually make when you do "hard" stuff, but most others do not know what they're getting into.


In short: Unless you beat your map without TASing it, tell people that the map most likely isn't going to be possible in a single segment non-TAS scenario.


Now for some actual criticism: I like the idea about how this map starts, and a setup like this could be made to work reliably (and don't even think about telling me you can do this reliably without TASing), if the revenants weren't shooting down at such a sharp angle that most of the seeking rockets get lost, and perhaps also more delay between the viles, so that people have better chances of bunching up a few revenant rockets in order to buy themselves some time when the double and triple viles spawn. On top of that, the revs would also need to be further away from the pit, so that the RL's autoaim is less likely to fuck people up. Basically, this concept can be made to work reliably, if it were tweaked a little bit.


Next up on the highlight reel would be the revenant ledge with the imps and cacos spawning in. Nice idea overall, but the cyberdemon there I could have done without. As was the case for the first fight, this is also not a realistic fight for non-TASers.


The lock in with the cybers in the corners and revs in the centre is also a good idea in principle, but like the rest of the map much too unforgiving to be doable without TASing. The lethality is too high, health losses aren't compensated for sufficiently, and ammo in particular is a huge issue in this fight, as there aren't anywhere near enough rockets, unless you get insanely lucky with the infighting and the damage rolls.


The rest of the map is basically chillax-tier spam-fest, and doesn't warrant much in the way of elaboration as far as I'm concerned.


28 minutes ago, Loomis said:

What does the Tool Assistance you used in the video do?

If they used XDRE, they can build demos on a frame-by-frame basis, do RNG manipulation to influence monster behaviour, control infighting, and get optimal damage rolls. On top of that there are also things like "turn on SR50" which allows for the fastest possible movement in doom without the drawback of not being able to turn while you're in SR50.


If they used PrBoom+'s TAS features only, then you're looking at slow motion as well as splicing for the most part, but it also has other features like showing health bars above monsters.


31 minutes ago, Loomis said:

And can you beat your own map without Tool Assistance?

No, they cannot beat this map without TASing. Source: I beat a TAS they made by a whopping 16 seconds without using any TAS features at all, so I'm absolutely certain in this case. Proof: https://dsdarchive.com/wads/dmnsns

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