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1000 Line 2 CP - Completed

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Don't be fooled by the time. It took like 3-4x more in total because of save scumming.

I'm really glad I could beat this gem by Aurelius in a blind run even if I was super slow.


So far super entertaining wad!

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This post by fraggle is where I got the idea from.


The gist of it is that projectiles aren't supposed trigger walkover actions, but when Doom 2 introduced new projectiles, they were never added as exceptions. Therefore rev rockets, manc fireballs, arach projectiles and IoS cubes can all trigger the line actions listed in the aforementioned post. 

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Just now, VentoliN13 said:

Where can I download this wad?

Read the opening post again.

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Since I was looking for a WAD to play - preferably with OTEX textures - this one was recommended to me. I just played the first 4 or 5 maps, and I have to say - Awesome work, really enjoying it so far. Thanks for this!


Edit: Holy crap that final fight of Map 20 is goin quite rough for me. I am curious how hard the final stretch of this wad will be.


Edit 2: Map 25 so far - what a hidden gem this WAD is, I am enjoying this a freaking lot. Oh and @leodoom85, I really liked your map 24 a lot, just finished it!

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