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Blast Thru Reborn - a written from scratch Blast Thru game engine

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Some of you may remember the 90s Arkanoid-clone game named Blast Thru. I spent 3 months developing a new written-from-scratch game engine for it. I named it Blast Thru Reborn since I developed the engine from scratch.


Download: https://github.com/Cacodemon345/BlastThruReborn

Note that a lot of stuff from the original game continues to remain unimplemented. You will need to extract the assets yourself (I made a tool for that: https://github.com/Cacodemon345/GloDecrypt). The demo feature is unimplemented, and the Load and Save dialog boxes remain unimplemented too (the buttons still work but the Load and Save buttons load and save from a filename named "cust.btrlev" residing inside the "lev" folder of the root directory of engine's executable). There are still some bugs. OpenGL 3.3 required. Read the "Running" instructions in the git repo's readme for information on how to run the game.




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I remember Blast Thru. I played this quite a bit as a kid and even managed to beat this game. I used to even make custom maps for it (that is until I got the Ricochet series)

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Not really fond of the more simplistic Breakout clones, but I might check this out just for (perhaps) programming drill.

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Congrats on making a working game.  Most people have no idea how much work it takes to create even a "simple" game like this from scratch.


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