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Doom Squared part 16

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Doom Squared part 16


The hall was made of wood planks and iron bars, like some sort of ancient prison. The hall hooked around at the middle of the room like a question mark, with our goal in the middle. Guarding the portal were a baron and a hell knight, both looking the other way. Around the perimiter of the room were imps, gurgling and shuffling back and forth, tosing fireballs in out direction.

"Jess, Alex, you take out the imps. I'll get those overgrown goats, go...NOW!"

We lept from the shadow of the blue banners and sprang into action. I whipped out the plasma rifle and aimed at the hell knight. The high pitched pulses of the rifle drowned out the rattling of the chainguns. The knight fell, and I aimed at the baron. Closer to me now, I held down the trigger and kept my eye on the ammo counter in my HUD.

The mighty baron had a hole straight through it's torso. It looked down slowly, and let out it's rippling death roar. The imps and others dead now we looked around. Bullets that had bounced off the iron bars littered the floor, the imps corpses steaming in this chilly environment, the hell knight scortched and fallen back, organs protruding. We had won yet another battle.

The teleporter stood in front of us now. At least I thought it was the teleporter... it looked more like a pile of bricks with lava in the centre. The exit sign, broken and hanging from the ceiling told us that ths was the way out, but it looked more like a barbeque from Hell.

"So what are we waiting for? Jump in!" Alex bitched behind me.

"I don't know, this doesn't look like any teleporter i've ever seen... it might be a trap. So far, all the teleporters I've used are either red & white squares with pentagrams, or shimmering holes ing the ground."

"There's only one way to find out" Jessica said, taking off her backpack. She took out a stimpack and threw it at the glowing firepit. A flash of green blinded us for a second, and then everything was back to normal. "There's your answer, Colonel!"

She was always the most adventurous one.

We lined up and jumped through one at a time, allowing about 10 seconds between people as to prevent so-called "Telefrags".

The feeling was one I hadn't felt since coming back to America. Slight dizziness, a flash of green light, and a whirring, elecrtical sound. When I opened my eyes I was in a large room, like a hotel lobby. Chairs and couches had been piled against the elevator doors, and the main entrence had been boarded over. In the room to the left, a restraunt at one time, tables had dead demons and bloodstains covering them. To the right, a metal door had green spraypaint on it


There was a CD by the door, like the ones used in camcorders. I picked it up and put in the appropriate slot in our computer map.

A man, probably aged 30-35 was staring back at us. He was the one recording this, holding the recorder in his had while pointing it at his face. He was wearing UAC armour and had a fresh wound on his cheek.

"...hope this thing's on. UAC Alpha strike team, Colonel Mike A. Phillips reporting for possible Beta team. My team's scouting out the rooms here, so far so good, no monsters yet. The things have been changing everything with their presence. I've seen solid metal warp and stone walls crumble just from having them touch them. there's not much left of the old hotel here, if you look closly enough, you might see the central courtyard resemble the old one on the floorplan. Gotta keep the battery power up for another few entries. Phillips out..."

We knew that even though they had been to the industrial zone and defeated it, the monsters had still managed to regain control there. Most likly it had happened here too. I pumped my shotgun, packed up the computer, and set off to open the door.

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