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What doom 2 monster weapon is your favourite?

Favourite doom 2 weapon  

62 members have voted

  1. 2. More monster attacks

    • Revenant's guided rocket launcher
    • Mancubus' dual fire ball launcher
    • Arachnotron's plasma gun
    • Pain elemental spitting lost souls
    • Archvile's flame attack
    • Wolf SS's machine gun
    • Keen's doing nothing
    • Icon of sin's firing monster cubes
    • Zombieman's rifle
    • Shotgunner's shotgun
    • Imp's fireball
    • Cacodemon's weird ball
    • Demon/spectre's bite
    • Lost soul's attack
    • Baron of hell's weird slime ball or what ever that's supposed to be
    • Cyberdemon's rocket launcher
    • Spider mastermind's chaingun
    • Heavy weapon guy's chaingun

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Pain Elemental.

Even if you dodge it's attack, that's another ammo sponge flying around trying to eat your face.
Then you kill it... more ammo sponges flying around trying to eat your face.



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I enjoy using the mancubus flamethrowers dropped in Brutal Doom. Although I think I would also enjoy using the SMM's super chaingun. 

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