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Doom 0.2 Alpha for GZDoom and Doom 0.1 Alpha Mockup

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if GZDoom could load up the Doom 0.2 Alpha

well now you can load it up with this mod

803042463_ScreenShot2020-07-13at10_17_00PM.png.9b3e9b7835101d74acbc4f944fde53ff.png476978331_ScreenShot2020-07-13at10_17_26PM.png.e61effb16a2e104375880fecfba67680.png620683135_ScreenShot2020-07-13at10_17_46PM.png.478155e9ff2a00d37dab70ea90b2598e.png496246897_ScreenShot2020-07-13at10_17_51PM.png.db2ab200c378ecc710d51bc1f10ad26d.pngDoom0_2 for GZDoom.zip

Also please read ACTUALREADME.TXT

Edited by MLGari : give some instructions

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I have also mocked up a Doom 0.1 Alpha


Hell I even mocked up its file structure (by looking at ShadowCaster's file structure and formats)


Here are some screenshots


And here is the mod itself


also, please read the readme file in the The Mockup Itself folder

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