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Spishak Cola

Indeed, yet another question.

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I know this may no be the proper forum nor website to ask this question but I just don't know where else to ask it and there is always someone with a answer here so here it goes...

...Exactly how do I make a animated Gif file?


I wanted to have a stickman dancing, I already have all the frames of his movements, but how do I put them together and make them go as a looping animation? Are there programs that would help me?


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you could also download UnFREEz

UnFREEz is freeware that will take any number of images, saved as separate GIF files, and create a single animated GIF from those images. Just drag and drop some GIF files from Explorer, set the frame delay time, and hit Make Animated GIF.

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You can download DSV4 and then extract the sprites (as lots of bmps, which you can convert to gifs) using Wintex.

Or if you just want to see the monsters you can play the wad, of course.

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