Hi, Attic here to present Doom -1, or Doom Negative 1. It's an experimental WAD. Here's some screenshots.     Looks pretty boring, doesn't it? One short map with only a pair of monsters and a few items. Well, I should've said that it's only the base of possibly the worst, best, hardest, easiest, weirdest and or coolest WAD ever. Don't believe me? Well, here's the reason for that.   It's a social experiment, anyone who wants to can edit the map. They can add enemies, secrets, additional levels, etc.. After that, they can post a reply with the edited WAD file, and then the next person can edit. This continues until October 7th, after that, the map is officially published.   RULES   No adding dumb stuff. If it does nothing good or funny or is just really dumb, then it shouldn't be there.   Compatibility is restricted from pure vanilla to Boom compatible with BEX.   Custom monsters, music, text and textures are fine, but it should work for most source ports, like Boom and ZDoom ports.   It has to be a working level with a start and finish, making it impossible for UVMAX and Pacifist gameplay is ok, but it needs to be at least possible for a player to complete the level.     So yeah, have a good time, and remember, teamwork is key... ish.   DOOM-1.zip   If you want to work on a version with less compatibility restriction, I highly reccomend GZDoom^-1 (GZDoom to the power of -1), which can be found here. https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=69560&p=1162083#p1162083