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Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

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Alright, here's some lore.


The credits call the protaginist the "son of our hero', which probably means the protagonist is Doomguy's son, so I'm going to name him James Blazkowicz, or Doomdude, I don't know. Anyway, Doomdude is also a space marine, but he works for Negative One, a rival company to the UAC. Negative One, being much smarter than the UAC, decided to copy the idea of teleporters, but instead used a different method to make the teleporters. The first prototype was made from a scrapped Quantum Accelerator (stolen) and pieces of a dead cyberdemon found in Doomguy's hometown (also stolen). The teleporter worked, and only caused mild headaches, which was good enough for Negative One's standards.


A few more tests are done, which all seem to succeed, so Negative One produces a copy, with parts of a crushed spiderdemon found at a starport. The teleporter works faster, but something happens, the test subject seems to have changed appearance. Suddenly, he starts shooting green fire from his hands, injuring two scientists. The test subject then turns on the teleporter again, which then.. I don't have to explain this. The lab is overrun by demons and only Doomdude is alive. Doomdude was busy playing Plutonia 6 on his computer, until he hears a scream, which he goes out to investigate. He enters MAP01, and that's how the story begins.


About Baphomet, he's an evil priest that wants to resurrect the Icon of Sin, and he hates Doomguy too.


About that test subject, he can be a new enemy, he can shoot Baron projectiles and can look like Baphomet.


@RiviTheWarlock Actually, we have until September 21st, and if it isn't done by then, it can be December 31st.

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MAP02 update: Added another room after the green stairs that go up. Room contains a few crates and a teleport to an outside platform with the Yellow Key (This room currently has no monsters. Just wanted to get my changes out before someone else edits the wad.)



Edited by Rosh Fragger

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Time to give MAP03 some love.










- Increased the size of the starting room and computer room

- Widened the brick maze to 128 instead of 64

- Added some minor detailing to the starting room and brick maze, and fair bit of detailing to the computer room

- Replaced the wolfenstein textures and enemy in the maze




EDIT: Forgot to mention that I also tidied up the wad contents (re-organised everything, changed S_START/END to SS_START/END, added an F_END, etc), mainly because it kept getting corrupted whenever I tried to save the level.

Edited by NiGHTMARE

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Changed the base for MAP06. Previously, there were just 2 or more sectors and the exit room at the end of the 2nd room. Now there can be various different connecting rooms to the base which I have created. Will hopefully add more rooms to it later. Map only contains the four lost souls from the previous version of the map. Feel free to add a ton of monsters to this one. I was thinking of making this a bit of a slaughter map, but that's just an idea.







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I decided to re-balance MAP02 a little by making some difficulty reductions for HMP difficulty.


Changes made:

[1] - Made the hell knights at the start be UV/NM only. Replaced with 4 imps.

[2] - Added 2-3 extra stimpacks.

[3] - The hallway that has a chaingunner trap behind you is now darkened a little.

[4] - Added a lava pillar in the cyberdemon boss room so you can dodge a little easier.

[5] - (ITYTD/HNTR only) Added 1 armour bonus to hint at going behind the staircases in the room with the 2 arachnotrons.

[6] - removed ~6-8 barons.

[7] - removed 2 hell knights from the arachnotron room.

[8] - Added a switch to raise the floor for the cell charge pack.



I forgot to add the switch logic for the cell charge pack secret. *facepalm*

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I was wondering why some of you upload the wad on mediafire and then share the link here, instead of directly uploading the .zip file here on the forum post. Any specific reason?

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Expanded MAP12 somewhat. Added an extra cave system which can be teleported into from the blue key room now (previously that room was the exit room.) I feel like this map has the potential to be a lot bigger and harder than what it currently is.



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I added room to map 06



As you see it needs some improvement i probally do that next hours but i think its good startobraz.png.aa75a5bd6774618a997fe7d2831c2e48.png


Edited by waciej : I forgot to update file xD

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Hi Doomworld,


I am new to these forums, but not new to Doom mapping. I got inspired by some of the levels in this WAD and decided to have a shot at editing them myself.


I edited the start of MAP02, expanding upon NiGHTMARE's excellent lava-fall motif.

I added some teleport destinations for the Imps and Hell Knights, as well as some switches.


Hope you like it, and hope I didn't accidentally change or remove other contributions (this thread is updating so fast!)



Edited by PinkFlamingo

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BrUh I trying to add my edit to your wads please stop posting for a while.


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I am going to make a few edits, so please do not edit, however, if I don't post within an hour due to the time it takes, then it's fine to edit.

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can i ask you some edits?


- MAP01 has a shotgunner and a tree stuck in the wrong room.




- MAP02 revenant closet... i mean... it isn't even remotely fair!




- weird pit in a secret, "probably my fault, i use eureka and this is the default wall texture"



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Alright, I've fixed all those weird things, except the revenant closet, which is actually pretty cool. I also made the Arch-vile maze smaller to fit the Plutonia style of the map. I will soon make the base for MAP09.

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Y'all still accepting MAP01 edits? 'Cause i've got one right here.

Basically, the doomdude/whatever flips the exit switch [which is actually a secret door], and finds some evil ss guards.

After he kills them, he flips another switch, revealing a romero head. Baphomet is trying to use the romero heads to form a new brain for the icon of sin.

Doomdude destroys the head, and then he goes on to MAP02.

Do what you want with this, i don't really care. you can place the end bit it into the latest MAP01 version if you want to. I had only looked at the first page of the thread when i thought "Hmm... This looks like fun!" [In other words, i'm a fucking idiot.]


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3 minutes ago, AtticTelephone said:

@bluegreg Those edits seem kinda weird, besides, the map is ok already. Did you edit the latest version? You also have to name it in a certain way.

I foolishly edited the first version. 'Cause i'm fucking dumb and i didn't know that the experiment had turned into some sort of mapping project.

Apologies for being stupid.

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1 minute ago, bluegreg said:

I foolishly edited the first version. 'Cause i'm fucking dumb and i didn't know that the experiment had turned into some project.

nah is ok, i will add your idea to MAP01 ending...

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