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Cool Shirts

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My dad just came back from his new job in Saskatoon last night. He brought some gifts from reletives for the family, including me.

My uncle works at the old family funeral home, and gave my dad a shirt as a gift for me.

It's a black T-shirt, one the front is a small picture of an old horse-drawn hearse.

on the back is a tombstone with the words "Any day above ground is a good one"


Anyone else got any cool or unique shirts?

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I've got my Wasatch Beer Co. "Polygamy Porter" t-shirt. "Bring some home to the wives!"

That and a couple of SLuggy Freelance and Megatokyo t-shirts. Nothing really worthwhile.

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I saw one once where there were two dogs fighting, and above the fighting dogs it said "Till Death Do Us Part". Quite funny, in a twisted way :)

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I've got one that says "I used to be schitzophrenic, but we're OK now." I also used to have a Godzilla vs. Charles Barkley shirt.

And my girlfriend has a bunch, like one that says "I live in my own world. But that's ok, they know me here" or "Spear Brittany". She also has a few Monty Python shirts.

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"Shut up and Fish" Heh, not too bad.

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I want an "all your bases are belong to us" shirt!!


yeah.... any shirts that have ANYTHING to do with computers are no no.

(asides from the robots/slave childern, that made them)

poor childern, forced to work and make clothes...

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