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Custom monster showing as "!"

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Hey guys, I've downloaded a custom monster and added all the necessary files to a pk3 file and given the monster an actor number and all that stuff but it's still showing as "!". Is there something I might have missed? 

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Logically you are in either of the first two situations:

  • a map thing that specifies a DoomEd Number that does not match any existing actor

  • an actor whose sprite for the first “Spawn” frame is missing

Be sure to double-check for typos. For example, if you gave it an editor number with MAPINFO, make sure the actor class is correct.


I cannot help you further without more info.

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Would you be able to check my pk3 file if I upload it? 


I'm really new to the Slade and merging files section on DOOM Builder. How would I check if the actor class is the same in the MAPINFO?

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