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Looking for this hud.

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Hi there.


I was wondering what hud is he using? Or is there something to do with the setting?


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6 minutes ago, Mithral_Demon said:

Looks like ZDoom's. ZDoom, GZDoom, SkullTag and Zandronum would have this natively/as a choice in the settings.

It looks like pretty much GZDoom alternative hud option, but slightly moved to the center somehow. Tho, I'm not sure about the ''words'' in the center.

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The words in the Center are from Multiplayer. If you are moused over a player (while alive) it will say PlayerXName with Ally or Enemy below. Or in this case Player Cam (because you died) it goes to your Allies camera view.

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This is Skulltag or Zandronum, they have their own alternative HUD option that is not part of ZDoom/GZDoom

Its old HUD/message scaling system also only worked for 4:3 so that's why the numbers are closer to center

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Ironically, I'm not 100% sure on the HUD, but I can definitely recognize the map: Dark Tartarus, TAT29.


If that ain't it, though, it's something that looks REALLY damn similar. Monster count looks about right though, 981 monsters on UV.

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