Greetings everyone! I'd like to officially publish version 1.0 (*UPDATED TO 1.2*) of my first completed WAD. Malleable Intent is a single level WAD for Doom 2 that I intend to fold into a larger WAD collection in the future. First though, I'd love to know what you think! This map contains around 350 monsters and should take between 20-30 minutes to complete. It is currently only balanced for Ultra Violence, though I plan to add support for other difficulties in future versions.   The map uses only stock Doom 2 textures and assets, but it DOES feature an original MIDI track (titled "Mark of Anger") composed by me!   PERTINENT INFO: STORY:  All is not well within the confines of the UAC, but what else is new. Hidden high atop a remote plateau, sinister machinations unfurl themselves inside this facility's walls. The demonic threat is present once again, but this time it seems that someone at the top was keeping fevered secrets well before their arrival. What price did they pay for progress? You'll have to procure your answers, and your equipment, on-site, but nothing should prove too elusive for a seasoned hellwalker like yourself. Leave no stone unturned, no evil unpurged, and dismantle the mechanisms behind this malleable intent.   COMPATIBILITY: Boom SOURCE PORTS TESTED: PR-Boom+/GL-Boom and GZDoom IWAD: DOOM2.WAD REPLACES: MAP01 GAMEPLAY: Vanilla Doom 2 - Exploration with Set Pieces. Expect traps/ambushes, a few difficult fights, and the need to manage your resources.  FREELOOK/ADVANCED MOVEMENT? No - play it like vanilla Doom 2. The map is designed with the inability to freelook, jump, or crouch in mind DIFFICULTY: Currently only supports ULTRA VIOLENCE: Not as hard as PLUTONIA, difficulty is balanced around no quicksaving but you WILL die if you get careless or overwhelmed. CREATION TIME: Between 75-100 hours ASSETS INCLUDED: 1 New MIDI track, otherwise uses stock Doom 2 assets   UPDATE CHANGES: ___________________________________   DOWNLOAD: (*UPDATED to 1.2*) ___________________________________   SCREENSHOTS: (all screenshots captured in GZDoom with nomonsters, fly, and noclip - screenshots have also been brightened for clarity)                     ___________________________________   DOWNLOAD: (*UPDATED to 1.1*) ___________________________________     WHAT I'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU: -How is the encounter design? I've play a metric shit-ton of Doom 2 over the years, but knowing how to blast through encounters isn't the same as knowing how to build them. Are there any that are way too difficult? Not as difficult as they should be? Obnoxious or poorly paced? -How does the level design lend to navigation? I tried real hard to avoid the player getting lost and constructing the map as series of little "loops", but I also have the curse of knowing the map's layout beforehand, and the only testers I have access to are you! -Did anything outright break? I tested all my linedef triggers probably a dozen times each if not more, but these things can be tricky. -Texture/Visual related: I'm sure there are some misaligned textures here and there. If you want to point them out, that's cool, but I'm not asking you to help me with this. -MOST IMPORTANTLY: Did you have fun?? Would you play the next map in a theoretical WAD collection?   WHO AM I? I'm LVENdead, a 33 year-old nerd who's been playing Doom 2 since I unwrapped an original CD-ROM copy for my 7th birthday. I've always admired creative and clever map design and after playing this game for so damn long, I figured it was time to throw my hat into the ring and give this a try myself. I have made (unsuccessful) maps for other games such as Duke 3D and Half-Life, and I love designing Roll20 battle maps for the D&D game I run. I'm hoping to make Doom 2 mapping another one of my hobbies, and hopefully this map represents a solid first step.