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Take The Crown: FFA Tournament – August 8-9, 2020 – $750 Prize Pool – Twitch.TV/Bethesda (QuakeCon @ Home)

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Multiplayer Doom Federation is pleased to announce another edition of the Take The Crown series, a two-day FFA Tournament that will officially be a part of the QuakeCon @ Home celebration! Beginning with the group stage on Saturday, August 8th @ 3PM EDT, participants will battle through a series of rounds to accumulate the most points. The top 6 players with the most points in the group stage will advance to the FFA Finals, being held on Sunday, August 9th @ 12PM EDT, for their chance to take the crown.


That’s not all – the FFA Finals will be streamed LIVE on https://www.twitch.tv/bethesda! You read that right – you’ll get a chance to showcase your fragging skills on the big stage and show the world that Doom II will never die.


But wait, there’s more ~ we’ll be giving out a $750 prize (350/250/150), along with t-shirts and posters (some items given out randomly).


Signups are now open and will close on Friday, August 7th @ 11:59PM EDT. You may signup through our Toornament page or in our Discord server, however you will be required to join our Discord 1 hour prior to gametime to check in.


Odamex: The tournament will be held on the source port Odamex. You must make sure you have the latest version downloaded. Please follow the download link to find the latest version, and join the official Odamex Discord for help and support.


How does the FFA Tournament work? All players of a particular round join the server at once and will play the same number of maps, but the actual lineup of each round will be randomized. Admins will announce the player lineup for every following round, and the selected players will join the game and the map will be restarted for them. This should speed up the proceedings while keeping the event spiritually free-for-all. If it’s not your round, you simply idle in the server. The maps have been chosen for their variation of styles (pace, spam, player/frag/time limit) and we’ll try to make sure everyone plays across all of them, but this part will be heavily dependent on the player signups and randomization. It should ensure, however, that you don’t meet the same opponents often. 


Point Distribution:



1st place: 9 points

2nd place: 7 points

3rd place: 5 points

4th place: 4 points

5th place: 3 points

6th place: 2 points

7th and under: 1 point






32in24-15 map04

crudream map11

dwango5 map12

gw2 map15

gw2 map28

Lazarus1j map08

UDM3 map10

UDMX map20



WAD: TBA (link provided soon)


The event will be supported by the stat-tracking system Plasmabump, which will give us real time stats updates as the games happen.



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Pretty awesome that the player count was raised to 80! Definitely going to be a party for QuakeCon!

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