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Doom Eternal Fan Film

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Just posting this awesome piece of work that just came out, if only all movies and videos were this amazing. 




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A pretty decent fanmade animation. Lighting could use some more work, but otherwise the video is not too shabby. I believe it's SFM?


I also like how it keeps its tongue-in-cheek SFM root by that last scene.

Surprised to know that the animator is Korean. Guess DOOM has really just become a boom there in East Asia, eh? Gotta thank Korone Inugami for that.

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Pretty damn good. The animation was solid enough, plus the slayer movements and running actually felt game-friendly. But... whats with video creators always finishing the videos in half a fights? I swear every time I see a sfm it always ends in the middle of the big climax.

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That was great. I wish the game actually made you feel that powerful outside of ITYTD. 

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@InDOOMnesia Doom has always had a small but loyal following in Asian territories. Some of the box art on the releases they get there is lovely.


I think this is how a Doom movie should work. We don't follow Doomguy directly, instead we see him through others, which I think could make his appearances far more impactful. I think maybe an animated movie would work better instead of live action.

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Doom in general (and maybe other videogames) would translate to film better if animated. (this arguement i put in the same room as why i think ce-shaded or even retro style 3d models could work for Doom and a problem with videogames aiming for "photo realism")

Lot of things just don't seem to work in the scale of live action without huge amounts of CGI and special effects.


This could make a Doom movie or show work and it's more interesting than "haha John Wick but with demons lol" or "Just copy Harcode Henry":


* Try to follow "Doom standards" and explore the series beyond just surface level knowledge of it. (as in, avoid flanderization and don't be afraid to reference something obscure at times)

* Leave it to actual passionate fans instead of studios or companies that don't see much in Doom. (specially for a series with a fanbase known for doing a lot of cool stuff, that even carried the series and kept it alive for years)

* Go with animation because live action isn't enough for the series' aesthetics, designs or spirit. (and not just because of how Doom Eternal aims for a "saturday morning cartoon" vibe, because you can still make it feel like a campy yet eerie B-movie or something a bit darker)

* Give the impression that the movie or miniseries takes place inside a game. (specially if you get the right art style and "game feel" to it, so it's like the movie or show was filmed inside the game)

* First person segments. (Obviously)

* "Face segments" inside Doomguy's helmet, based off MCU's Tony Stark/Iron Man face scenes, to represent his HUD face, with holographic status bar/interface stuff next to him. (health, ammo, keys etc)

* Narrator could be the "they are rage" voice who also represents the classic games' intermission text screens and talks in second person, to Doomguy. (or it could be King Novik or Hayden)

* Balance between humanizing Doomguy/Doom Marine/Slayer and keeping him "limited" (such as not making him talk actual lines or give him a name) along with showcasing his strenghts but also his struggles and difficulties at times because people want a hero they root for.

* Occasonal focus on other characters like the Resurrection of Evil lady scientist, that one Doom 2 RPG scientist dude, Kira Morgan, Quake 3's Crash and Phobos, Samuel Hayden, Olivia Pierce, Betruger, Night Sentinel and some others that existed in the "Doom universe" or any Doom material that can be borrowed.

* Each Doom game is different and has something to it even if it's something as minor as a level name or some random sprites, so maybe don't restrict it to just one single portrayal of the series. (this is if they want to represent the series and go something like MetaDoom)

* Action scenes that fit Doom's theme and setting, but not really gameplay stuff, like Doomguy or someone throwing a barrel at someone.

* Humor and drama done right and properly executed.

* Easter eggs and references are always neat but don't do the "scientist named after Carmack" bit a third time.

* Occasional scenes of isolation to fit the "one person vs multiple enemies" part of Doom and horror focus.

* Maybe create some new weapons and enemies to expand Doom a little bit. (and also a little bit of inspiration for modders)

* Make use of a variety of weapons and enemies, since they are different enough to create different scenarios.

* Actually use most designs from the games, from not making UAC guards look like generic SWAT officers (even Doom 3 didn't really felt like this outside the Z-sec) to actually capturing an abstract, crazy Hell inspired by the games, but specially the classic Inferno. (because just rock landscapes isn't enough when there's also evil castles and a crazy mix of metal and flesh)(in general, classic Doom's aesthetic is an abstract mix of stuff, it might as well have had an impact on the fanbase's creativity)

* Find ways to translate gameplay moments into story like someone having to use a radsuit to cross a river of acid but the suit is running out.

* Have a scene of some crew of marines stuck on a maze and trying to find the key, while some die from some traps.

* Have a horror scene by introducing the Archvile, where he shows his powers in front of UAC folks who are then blasted by his fire blast and the resurrected demons.


Something that actually tries and ends up fun, even if still heavily flawed.

Because a lot of videogame movies don't feel like they're trying harder, as if they take a series at face value and don't consider any idea or design interesting/iconic enough.

Some say Doom cannot work simply because of it being a mainly gameplay focused series, which underestimates Doom, like it wasn't a series that spawned millions of vanilla Wads and was an extension to Wolfenstein 3D's otherwise more limited formula.

Later games even introduce some new material as well.

If any Youtuber ever makes a "Why can't a Doom movie work?" type of video, this info is more interesting than what they have to say.



Basically, something that might as well come off as a "Into the Spiderverse" for Doom, when most people expect a Disney Marvel movie for Doom instead.


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1 hour ago, whatup876 said:

Doom in general (and maybe other videogames) would translate to film better if animated. (this arguement i put in the same room as why i think ce-shaded or even retro style 3d models could work for Doom and a problem with videogames aiming for "photo realism")

Lot of things just don't seem to work in the scale of live action without huge amounts of CGI and special effects.

This whole post should be pinned on this site, something that feels like the "Astartes" W40k short films would really work too....especially when it comes to the darker lighting mixed with bright Doom 64 colors.


Something they should definitely emphasize on is Doomguy's speed, regular humans should see him as a blur when he's in action.  Think a scene where they have multiple security cameras on and Doomguy is seemingly killing dozens of demons at a time and they have no idea where he is even with all the cameras.


Another idea is to really make the demons feel like actual threats, as in even the fodder enemies like imps and zombies would shrug off small arms fire (so basically anything up to a regular AK or M-16 assault rifle) and bigger enemies like Barons can lift and throw 18 wheeler trucks (40+ tons).  The Archvile idea you had sounds really cool too, especially if the scenes of him are in the eyes of humans.  Humans would either instantly become possessed around his presence or he could detonate them with his magic in the blink of an eye.


A side plot of a human soldier that has to open up a portal to get Doomguy onto Earth from somewhere like a ship or Hell would be pretty interesting too, at least to add some variety to the movie.  Maybe a scene where the soldier has to avoid the Archvile to get to the portal controls like a horror movie?

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