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Gameplay Inconsistency, Lighting Problems with UDMF Maps

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To start: I'm using a DRD build not completely up to date but its gotta be like 20 days old at worst.


I don't know if I am fucking something up but I have 1 map more or less done and 1 map started, both using Eternity UDMF format in Doom Builder X and I am getting some minor inconsistencies between them.

In Map01 I can stand on some decorations in the office room you use the blue key to get into. In Map02, as you run into the room with the red key and it changes into the room with the sword, the same decorations seem to be solid (skull on a pole and 5 skulls shish kebab are the relevant ones). I have noticed 2 things that may be relevant: Map01 uses 3d Mid Textures for some catwalks and when I run the map it says "ZDoom Uncompressed GL Nodes version 3 detected" Map02 does not have any room-over-room currently and says "ZDoom Uncompressed GL Nodes version 1 detected." Is it just auto-setting flags like actors are infinitely tall based on if walkable 3d mid textures are used? As an aside I noted that the height values for the decorations are absurdly small so I have suspicions. The nodes thing doesn't mean much to me but its a difference I noticed.

Also, in Map02 in the sword room again, all the bright sectors have either light flicker or light glow set but the light level is static at the set level when I run it. Do I need to do something special in UDMF format to make it work?

Here's an archive with the:
-resource file - titnhell.pke
-map files - tth_maps_wip7312020.wad
-and a batch file to run them if you just dump it into your root eternity folder.


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Do you mean being able to walk on decorations without having to jump to get onto them? Like, you just step toward them and there you are?


If so, make sure the "Doom actor heights are inaccurate" compatibility flag is set to Yes.


To be honest, I have no idea why that's exposed as a user-facing flag separately from the one that controls 3D thing clipping -- I can't imagine any scenario when you would ever legitimately want 3D clipping on but with 16-tall decorations that you can walk through...


Also, yes, features like portals and I assume 3dMidTex automatically enable 3D thing clipping, since those features rely on it to work.

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yeah like they are on the floor and you just step up like 16 map units and go through them so I am guessing its the doom actor heights flag like you are suggesting

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