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Feeding The Chickens (star wars model diorama)

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More of a digital diorama, but whatever.




I love the design of the chicken walkers, so I was naturally going to get a model kit of one. I did something a little different with mine, though. When I was building the legs, I noticed there was barely any articulation at all. Which was pretty dumb...Why would you make a model that looks movie accurate and not have it move like it does in the movie? That's lame as shit. So I cut out some of the plastic to free up the legs, then added some brass and styrene tubes for swivel joints. Now it moves just like the original stop motion model. A lot of time went into this model and I'm pretty happy with it, even though there's a few screw ups.


Idea behind the diorama:


I like to think that in this picture, the Empire's been in battle with the Rebels for weeks and their ground support is starting run out of vehicles, so they have to go back through the battlefield and start reviving at-sts' that got downed in combat. Now each walker has to have a mechanic following it at all times to keep it alive. or something...Idk, I just made it up as I took pictures of the models.


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