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Eureka feature request: 3D sloped sectors display in 3D view

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Hi @printz, @andrewj - I wad building a sloped 3D sector (worked fine) but it did not render as sloped in the 3D view:




but works fine in-game:



This 3D sector is projected over transparent water sector if that makes a difference. You can download the work-in-progress map here if you want to have a look at it.


[forgive the crappy second screenshot - game aspect ratio is different and I was lazy and pasted over the editor image.]



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Eureka's 3D renderer has several limitations: it does not support some slope types, and does not support sloped 3D floors, and does not do lighting properly underneath a 3D floor.  Oh and you cannot select the planes or sides of a 3D floor like you can normal walls and planes.


These things would require major work to be supported, probably even chucking the current renderer and starting from scratch, perhaps using more modern GL standards would be good too.  What exists is the best I could with the miniscule amount of energy and motivation I had at the time.

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Ok no problem. Thanks for the response. Noted about the likely need to redo the renderer. Don't get me wrong I completely get the effort needed for this kind of thing and am massively impressed that a single person (I assume) can produce something like this. 

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