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[PrBoom+] facility_boom.wad - Hellish Facility

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DOWNLOAD HERE: facility_boom.zip


Name: Hellish Facility, facility_boom.wad
Map Format: Boom
Ports Tested: PrBoom+
Map(s): MAP01~MAP06
Music: Vanilla Doom 2 Music
Gameplay: Single-Play Only
Difficulty Settings: Yes
Multiplayer Placement: No
Build Time: about two month
Textures: Doom Textures For Doom II by SargeBaldy
Tool Used: Ultimate Doom Builder, PrBoom+, Slade
Note: I tested with PrBoom+, works fine, older version might work fine, but I cannot guarantee.



This wad is my second attempt to make 6-levels doom wad


It's been over half of the year since I posted "returned.wad", and really appreciated all feedback from this community, which made me take more time on item and monster placement when I making this wad.
I decide to use Boom Format instead of UDMF, I found UDMF is too complicated for the beginner, Boom is simpler, so I could spend more time focus on the level design aspect.
Feedback or criticism is welcome.







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