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There actually were some pretty good ideas in here, I feel. The first three maps felt like a very simplified version of DUSK to me. (And now that I mention that, I notice that was one of your inspirations)


I think the first map you had showed probably the strongest amount of potential. It had a fair attempt to seem like an actual space, it took a stab at worldbuilding, I think as a early mapper, this is pretty strong.

In fact, what ironically brought it down the most for me was your sudden turn left from "mysterious town" to pure sci-fi/lovecraft stuff. It kinda led to an odd combination of rustic and tech stuff that I don't think worked very well.


The point that you really lost me (and I guess it would also explain why you abandoned the project) was about level 4, the dimensional rift. It felt like every other area you had made up to that point, while primitive, served some sort of a purpose in universe. With this... aside from the ending, this doesn't really strike me with any of the "mystique" of other areas, it feels like a basic room-corridor-shoot ordeal.


If you were to continue this project, I would definitely expand on that first map. Double down on the more rustic influences, because I find that's where I was enjoying myself the most. Maybe there is some of that sci-fi stuff going on, but it's so deep in the background that you only catch glimpses of it here and there. I dunno, just a thought.



Yeah, good work dude. 


Oh yeah, also:






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