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"Tomb of the Mutilated" DEMO

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MAP 2/5




check out the amazing HeXenkrafts music.


HeXenkraft Bandcamp


Mouselook is necessary.


*jumping is not and can sequence break the game.


Render mode needs to be Hardware accelerated for flashlight to work properly.


All difficulties are balanced.


This is a WAD with a heavy emphasis on dark, claustrophobic atmosphere with a lean towards survival horror. This is NOT a bum rush around firing off with wild abandon, you will run out of ammo and or get killed by traps.


Watch your step, spatial awareness is key.


Take your time and pay attention for secrets, on higher difficulties this will probably be the only way you survive.


You have a flashlight, use it. DooM 3 is amazing.


Guns have reloading, so bind a key for reloading if you do not have one already.


You have a giant axe, it is great for melee enemies and getting up close and personal if u can.


*use the axes alt-fire; it hits like a bag of bricks*




Tested with GZDOOM-works just fine





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