Hello everyone! It's time to finally release version 1.0 1.2 of my second map, A Stygian Anguish. This is a GZDOOM map that features extensive use of the OTEX 1.1 texture pack, with a new MIDI track that I composed. In the grand scheme of things, this map will follow my first one, Malleable Intent, in a larger WAD collection (that is likely to be between 3-5 maps depending) - but for now, this is a STAND ALONE release that is intended to be played from pistol start. NOTE: this map replaces MAP02   PERTINENT INFO: STORY:    COMPATIBILITY: GZDoom (Default compatibility) MAP FORMAT: UDMF SOURCE PORTS TESTED: GZDoom IWAD: DOOM2.WAD REPLACES: MAP02 GAMEPLAY: Vanilla Doom 2 - Run and Gun, medium-high difficulty ESTIMATED PLAY TIME: I can finish it in 20, it will probably take you between 30-40 on your first playthrough FREELOOK/ADVANCED MOVEMENT? No freelook, jumping, or crouching  DIFFICULTY: This map is intended to be challenging on UV (good luck with your FDA's). Currently, there are no item or monster adjustments made for other difficulties, so if it's too hard just play on HMP. CAVEATS: Please play the map in SOFTWARE mode. It's my personal opinion that hardware rendering washes out the sector lighting in an unflattering way, and I don't think OTEX textures look quite as good in hardware mode. Otherwise, dynamic lighting, lights.pk, etc are fine. I also composed the MIDI track with Microsoft MIDI in mind - if you use something else like FluidSynth, the mix is way off balance. Still learning how to account for this in my process. CREATION TIME: About 3 weeks ASSETS INCLUDED: 1 New MIDI track, OTEX 1.1 textures   _______________________________   DOWNLOAD: STYGIANANGUISH.zip _______________________________   UPDATE CHANGES:   SCREENSHOTS:  
    As always, I'd love to hear your feedback! - This is a learning process for me and it's impossible as a creator to know what the experience will be like for a player jumping in blind. -How is the distribution of resources? This is tough to strike the right balance - I want the players to run low on health and ammo but I don't want you to run OUT of ammo. -How are the fights? I tried to structure this away from room-to-room combat and more towards open areas so it feels more like a continual battle but with larger setpieces interspersed. Was there any major bullshit or was it pretty reasonable? -Did you find all the secrets? :) -Did you notice any glaring bugs, softlocks, missing textures, or anything else out of wack? It took me a long time to use SLADE's "cleanup" feature for the textures, flats, and patches, and I hopefully didn't miss anything (but man was it a major pain in the ass)
Link to my previous map:  METHODOLOGY AND REFLECTIONS: (not important to play, but maybe you want to know my thought process!)      
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