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My Old Comics

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I was digging through my files and found a few old things I still kinda like, back when I was trying to become a comic artist.


I was big on Egyptology as a kid, and occasionally made random comics involving the gods. I'd planned out a cartoon strip involving the creation of the earth etc at one point.




A few panels of a comic about a mute girl who spoke with Sign Language. I chatted up a deaf girl to get feedback on how to draw her lines.




I made this weird comic once personifying winter in Arizona as three roommates complaining about the thermostat. Mostly I just thought February was adorable.



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I made this one on a bet that i could pull a better story for Quest 64 out of my ass. I don't remember if I won or not.


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Cool comic I did ages ago about a P.I. who comes back from the dead.











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You should try to get these published! they are absolutely fantastic! I can't wait for more! By any chance, did you make a comic based off of DOOM? 

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11 minutes ago, LiT_gam3r said:

You should try to get these published! they are absolutely fantastic! I can't wait for more! By any chance, did you make a comic based off of DOOM? 

I made a cartoon strip once.




Here's a favorite bit from the undead guy one. Prime suspect Kiersten was fun to draw and write.



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Cartoon I made to critique the writing of a fellow mystery cartoonist back in the day. She thought it was a laugh riot.

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Now that you reminded me, Lit, I do have a few VG related comics I forgot all about, like this Mario one called Joyride.





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Last ones for the night, two more Bishop & Holiday strips. Second one is adapted from The Amityville Nuisance.







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A few years back I tried doing a Sonic graphic novel based on a movie concept I had in mind, but I could never finish a fan comic. Comics require so much time and energy it's hard to justify doing one based on someone else's property. Did get some good pages out of it though.



Robotnik was fun to write and draw. Bit of an eccentric and callous industrialist.




I wrote Princess Sally as an eco-terrorist, the opposite of Robotnik.




Sonic and Tails were written as outcasts who got into trouble all the time, and only destroyed Robotnik's machines out of boredom for the most part. Later I'd reveal there was a bit more to it than that, and Sonic mostly just didn't see the point in getting rid of Robotnik 'cos another just like him would take his place, and he also ends up disapproving of Sally using people to further her own agenda.


But it was Bunny who stole the show.





Oddly enough, the best-looking page in the comic was drawn while I was drunk.




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