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What are some good ultra-unknown WADs?

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I feel like when it comes to Doom mappacks, there's a select dozen or so that people tend to flock back to.


I want to know what the hidden gems are. What are some WADs you've played that you really enjoyed, but never see anyone talk about?


Considering how many maps are posted here on a daily basis, there's got to be tons.


(PS- I'm mostly looking for mappacks that don't have a bunch of custom stuff, but if there's some good hidden gems that use a bunch of Realm667 stuff that's fine too)

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"The Great Expendable" is a nice set of four maps. The fourth map is really good!


Also "Camping Aborted" was really cool:


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I'm amazed how little-known Wheel of Time is.


For Hexen, Starship deserves to be one of the best-known episodes, but I don't think it is.


Almost everything by Ray Schmitz (apart from his well-known Happy Time stuff), including his unfinished megawad.


The Fort series by Martin Mirejovsky.


Killzone 1 and 2 by Donald Howard.


Given that the author went on to design levels for Unreal, UT and others, you'd expect myscha's Doom work to be better known.

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After Doom deserves a big mention on here. It's a well made WAD, no doubt about it. Tower Of Lies is another that is really unknown and underrated.

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