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Beat Grazza Demos Month

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The demo month is up! Congrats to GrumpyCat for winning with 135 points and 95 demos! Including repeat demos for the same run, there were 324 runs for this month from eighteen players in total, so it was a pretty good turnout! Here's the full leaderboard once again:



  Player            Demo count            Points
🥇GrumpyCat         95                    135
🥈4shockblast       88                    130
🥉vdgg              58                    70
  Veinen            30                    32
  Dubzzz            12                    11
  wakecold          5                     9
  Andromeda         7                     6
  Keyboard_Doomer   6                     6
  Kyle McAwesome    6                     3
  Pleymo            4                     4
  Kraflab           2                     4
  depr4vity         3                     3
  Aquasa            1                     2
  Revved            2                     2
  Ancalagon         2                     2
  Grazza            1                     1
  PartyCrasher04    1                     1
  Pseudonaut        1                     0



Thanks, everyone for participating! Personally, I found this month really fun; I guess Grazza has a lot of interesting and fun runs to beat. :) Some of the runs I did were more on the frustrating side, but overall, even the most infuriating ones were at least interesting in some way. That said, for maxers, I guess this one was a bit low on demos to look at, so for the next one, I'll try to choose one that gives maxers more options to choose from.


The pre-set lists with extra points were a fun concept too IMO; if/when we do specific player months in the future, I hope we can get lists like that again.

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These are demos which I tried to beat but failed:

ks23 pacifist, only one exit and it was 0:26

wtrfront speed, only one exit, 1:10

neb03 nightmare pacifist, it was very tempting, 0:05 with low miliseconds, but lol I didn't even get a 5, 0:06 with high miliseconds was my best


I was playing with area51 map01, but I knew someone would post it. By the time Bdubzzz posted his, my best was 13:24, so yeah. With the baron telefragging I also only took risk to telefrag one, but general strategy and flow and aggressiveness were much worse in my attempts.


Grazza's demos... I actually didn't mean to participate. I thought 50% of his demos are about glides, and 99% about tricks, and when there are no tricks he apologises in the .txt... But Grazza was also recording pioneer runs on some WADs he liked, especially in the beginning, so he was doing what I was doing also in 2010-2011 and sometimes today. I discovered cool WADs, trydent, hate, rage20, dna_tech, escape3. Also alleys, because of the mapper of callisto. Lots of questionable quality ones, too, but I did my best to avoid them :)


Very impressive runs here, congratulations to @GrumpyCat and @4shockblast. From my memory I liked most Icarus MAP10 3 second NM Speed and fort5 MAP04 Max (which I tried myself)... Cool demos by others, too.



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Thanks, it was unexpected!
I want to thank 4shockblast for organizing it, and of course Grazza.
It was interesting because of huge number of demos to choose from in all categories, most with some tricks, and many obscure wads.
In a lot of cases I just blindly copied Grazza's routes and tricks, so all credits to him.
Yes, bonus lists was good idea.


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It is gratifying to see that this month's contest has been pretty popular. I guess it makes sense, given that I have always been more interested in recording demos with interesting ideas, and less keen (or adept) at grinding the times down. I haven't watched all (or even the majority) of the demos yet (I'm basically taking September off and doing some travelling, as far as this is possible/safe at the moment), but many have surprised and impressed me. 4shockblast's Icarus map04 NM is obviously very nice and hard-worked, and his TVR map10 Speed highly creative, while an improved Build NM Pacifist was really something I didn't expect. But it would be wrong to pick out a list of favourites given that there are many I haven't watched. Some of the Maxes from various players are very entertaining for sure.


It is good to see that some went unbeaten, but whether this is because they are actually good, flukey or just no one wanted to play the maps, I don't know.


If GrumpyCat would actually like the free chess book promised early in the thread, please PM me.

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