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some updates

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I have added a new area to Doom Wad Station for megawads. Some of the obvious inclusions are Momento Mori and Momento Mori 2, Eternal, Darken, Final Fantasy and Biowar. The page for these can be found here: http://www.doomwadstation.suhost.com/mega/mega.html
There are also a new set of screenshots for my new project - Descent into Hell at this page: http://www.doomwadstation.suhost.com/descent.html
This project is coming along quite well and should be ready for download in a few weeks if not sooner. I am playtesting it with all the usual ports - Zdoom, Jdoom, Legacy and edge but it is a vanilla Doom2 level.

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There was a problem in the <BODY BACKGROUND> part of the code on those pages - I'm wondering if maybe that had something to do with it?
I fixed the code anyway but I don't see how that could be responsible for the redirecting - buy you never know.
someone suggested that it could be GATOR or some sort of ad-ware that people were using. Any thoughts on any of this?

BTW - more pics posted on the Descent page.

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magikal said:

Damn, I just tried to go to news/main and it re-directed me to that web1000 page again!

You're right. It also does this on following links:
Total conversions
All the text file links

The others seem to work fine.

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I think when I finish descent I'm going to have to start moving those pages off that server. In the meantime - Netscape users seem to have no problem at all but some of my pages have static backgrounds which don't seem to work with Netscape.

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