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Angelic Aviary - Elegant enemies for Doom and Heretic (Updated 05/03/2022)

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14 hours ago, Biodegradable said:

Took it for a spin on a short map. Murderous carnage has never been this cute!

"Adorable little fuckers"


Thanks for trying out the mod!

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New angel added. The Putto.


Puttos are the lowest of the angels, even lower than the cherubs. They are defenseless, pure spirits who wander the battlefield trying to help however they can. When a putto finds a dead angel, it can sacrifice itself to revive a fallen comrade.


Other changes

-Increased speed of the Aspect of Iris's butterfly

-Added more sound effects to the Cherub, Aspect of Iris, Snowball and Dolls.


Newest version (Also located on the 1st post)





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Newest update

New angel added: The Ophanim (Replaces the arachnotron). 


"An angel with 1000 eyes who sees the past, present, and future. Her gaze can a rip a wicked soul to shreds and the more eyes she opens, the more unstoppable she becomes. There is no record of anyone seeing an Ophanim open all her eyes and living to tell the tale."


The Ophanim is the first really powerful angel and one that must be approached with caution. 






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I absolutely LOVE THIS


I feel like I am playing old amiga games when using this monster replacement mod!


Especially the sound effects... very amiga retro like... :D

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10/26/2020: Newest update http://www.mediafire.com/file/t8kc4cq4s6t5ha6/DoomAngelsAuthorityBeta.wad/file


-New angel added: The Authority (Replaces the hell knight)


"Unyielding angels who are living embodiments of law and order. Authorities use their divine blade to carve the very air into a blade sharper than any sword. Purely focusing on offense, the Authority is nimble and strong at the price of having low armor and health. Demons have come regard Authority's as angelic berserkers. Authorities hate this comparison and prefer to think of themselves as "angelic brigadiers"."  


Other changes

-Reduced the Cherub's HP from 80 to 70






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11/18/2020: Newest update: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6knrdbkenjwd1x7/AngelicWaifus11.18Beta.wad/file



-New angel added: Virtue Virgin (Replaces the Baron of Hell)


                “Authorities who have undergone extensive purification rituals, metamorphizing them into angels of chastity. Always bleeding, the Virtue Virgin's purity is marked by her white dress. Throughout eons of combat and endless bloodshed, the Virtue Virgin's dress has never become tarnished nor stained with blood."


-Ophanim projectiles added. When fully charged up, she launches thousands of bullets from her central eyes along with hitscanners from her small eyes. This was done to make it easier for the player to know the Ophanim is fully awake and to take cover.

-Ophanim takes longer to charge up and longer to wind down, giving the player more time to punish her.

-Reduced Putto’s HP from 50 to 40

-Now compatible with Doomgals :)


The Virtue Virgin is the 1st "Ancient Angel" added. She is both incredibly fast and powerful and must be approached with caution. There is a correct way to fight her, but I might nerf her depending upon how much trouble she gives players. Her wings, sword, and headpiece will be altered in the future to look different. She may also fly at some point, but in her current state, flying breaks too many maps.


Only 5 more enemies remain to be modded.

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Happy New Years! Major update: Version 0.61 is out! https://www.mediafire.com/file/m41zmugvzhyhvgr/AngelicWaifus_Ver.0.61.wad/file

-New angel added: Principality (Replaces the Mancubus)

"Snobby, angelic wizards with complete control of lightning. Their umbrellas acts as a lightning rod and which she uses to channel electricity at her opponents. In their previous existence, the principalities were noblewomen and they retain their stuck up, smug, personalities. They look down upon demons, humans, and even some of the other angels.


-Ophanim HP reduced from 1000 to 800. If quick, they can be killed before fully waking up.
-More sounds added to the Cherub, Aspect of Iris, and Kiss.
-Virtue Virgin is easier to stun-lock.

-Authority's HP raised from 350 to 400

-New bullet animations for authority's blade.

Only 4 more enemies remain. The arch-vile is next!




Edited by RomDump

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Newest version 0.7 released!

-New Angel: Dollmaykr (Replaces the Arch-Vile). An ancient angel and creators of the dolls who serve heaven. She can not only summon an endless army of dolls to her side, but can destroy the souls of her enemies by stabbing a sacrificial doll she always carries. Though smol, Dollmaykrs are among the most fear angels and among the highest priority targets in battle.
-Virture Virgin gains the ability to fly at 750 HP. 
-New sounds added to many of the angels.
-Angels drop less health, but have rare drops including weapons and ammo.
-Minor bug fixes.




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Major update: Version 0.8! With this update, all standard enemies have been replaced  (Minus the Cyberdemon and Mastermind)



Major features

-New angel: Joy elemental (Replaces Pain elemental). An angelic musician who happens to be an instrument herself. Joy elementals play songs that can resurrect dead dolls, smol and big angels. At a distance, she can use her horn to summon putto who can revive the dead as well. A very high priority target.
-New angel: ????? (Replaces SStrooper). Ready for danmaku?
-New angel: ????? (Replaces ?????). This bird can only be found in the high heavens.
-New dolls: Turbo revolver doll and turbo shotgun duo. Unique enemies spawned by the Dollmaykr. Similar to their vanilla counterparts, but faster.
-Completely reworked the Virture Virgin. She starts off identical to the Authority, but gains new abilities when her HP drops to 750, 250, and 50. 


Gameplay tweeks
-Aspect of Iris jumps towards player when using her rainbow blade
-Dollmaykr spawns more unique doll types.
-Dollmaykr does decreased damage.
-Shotgun duos and Turbo shotgun duos cannot be resurrected by Putto or the Joy elemental.
-Decreased the Kiss's rate of fire by 2 seconds.
-More lore added to quit menu.

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Minor update. Version 0.81 is out. This version adds a multitude of new animations and some small gameplay changes. In addition, some custom textures and items have been added to specific map sets.

Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/3d437t0bw68qta1/AngelicWaifus_Ver.0.81.wad/file

Major features

-Rainbow blade attack for the Aspect of Iris fully animated in eight directions. (8 poses)
-Snowball flight and attack cycle fully animated (8 poses)
-Snowball can be gibed with new custom animation.
-Virtue Virgin given new custom wings.
-Virtue Virgin blade attack fully animated (8 poses)
-Principality's death animation given more frames and censored. The fan-servicey death is still present but will not occur as often.

Minor features
-Fliers and halos given a tiny degree of float bob.
-Dollmaykr will not fly towards the player unless she takes damage or summons dolls. This prevents Dollmaykrs from swarming the player at the beginning of big maps and causes her to warp in like a normal Arch-vile.
-Dollmaykr given a new voice (Again)
-Dollmaykr ascends slightly when summoning Dolls, getting her into the air more quickly.
-Aspect of Iris will jump towards the player when using her rainbow blade.
-Snowball's health decreased from 80 to 75.
-Snowball cannot be shattered by ice attacks. Snowball take 1/2 damage from ice attacks and takes 2X damage from fire attacks.
-Virtue Virgin can be frozen and damaged by ice attacks.
-Ophanim given more voice effects.
-Custom skies added to a map pack which has the worst skyboxes in any doom mod.
-Skull keys replaced with Crucifix keys.

Now onto making the Cyberdemon replacement.



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Major Update! Version 0.9 is out. We finally have our angelic cyberdemon replacement. 


Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/3fhu7hcg2j7cav8/AngelicAviary_Ver.0.9.wad/file


-New angel: Crucified Seraph (Replaces cyberdemon). An immortal, ten-winged angel charged with the selfless task of absorbing and destroying the world's sin. The pain of this task has greatly weakened her to the point where she had to be crucified to her own wings just to keep standing. She channel's this power into living fireballs that burn anything in their path to a cynder.
-New Angel: Red Egg: When the Seraph is destroyed, her ashes form into an ominous red egg that slowly begins to pulsate. If not destroyed in time, the Seraph will be reborn, free of Sin and stronger than ever.
-Custom menu title and font (Font taken from Eviternity by Dragonfly et al)
-Angels blink periodically.
-Lots of new voices, sound effects and small graphical changes.
Minor changes
-Fixed a bug where when Principalities are killed in level 7, the walls will come down correctly.
-Reduced Ophanim health from 800 to 750
-Dolls spawned by Dollmaykr get stuck in walls less frequently.
-Cherubs spawn fewer health bonuses when killed.






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Version 0.91 is out. Was going to wait before publishing this until I found a major game breaking bug. It has since been fixed along with alot of small details and animations. More of a polish update, but with some important features added and balance issues resolved.

Angelic Aviary v0.91

-Fixed a major bug that caused the game to crash when the Dollmaykr summoned two dolls on top of one another.
-Fixed a bug that caused Puttos to become invincible when resurrecting enemies (Hopefully)
-Spider Masterminds have been replaced with Seraphs so that only angels are in levels (Mastermind replacement is still WIP)
-Fixed a glitch that would cause skies to mess up in several megawads.

-Red Egg explodes into chunks when destroyed. Done so that it is easier to know if the Red egg has been destroyed at a distanse.
-Added more blinking animations (Joy elemental, Principality)
-Added custom bullet animation for the Ophanim.
-Added 27 new sounds and voices.
-Added easter egg animation to one of the angels. Have fun finding it.

-Gibbing the Shotgun Duo will prevent the 2nd doll from spawning. (A feature I've been wanting to implement for awhile)
-Snowballs no longer Spawnfloats (Greatly improves gameplay)
-Ophanim takes more time to wind up and wind down between attacks.
-Seraph's Loon blast (Rocket attack) edmits a loud warning sound while traveling through the air.
-Putto move slightly faster and have custom resurrection sounds.
-Slighly reduced damage of Seraph's small fireballs
-Slightly decreased Great Seraph's Loon blast speed
-Greatly changed the Seraph's 3rd form.
-Gains a new attack which is very hard to dodge. Has a chance to drop ammo/health when these bullets expires.
-Damage reduction reduced from 75% to 50%.

The next update will have major changes including the cardinal being able to enter a flight mod and unique art for the Great Seraph before I start work on the Mastermind replacement.


Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/d4pd58ouwpcpb0y/AngelicAviary_Ver.0.91.wad/file


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Angelic Aviary v0.92 is out! Alot of new features, changes and tweaks.

Major features
-New angel: ??? (Replaces Commander Keen). Another rare bird is out there.
-The great Seraph has new custom art.
-Difficulty settings have been completely revamped.

-Cardinals tired out for a few seconds after attacking. Added extra frames of animation.
-Reduced the Snowball's health from 75 to 60.
-Spawned Dolls and Putto no longer count towards the total number of enemies in a map. It's now possible to get 100% kills on a map.
-Two Great Seraph must be killed to reach the extra boss.
-Slightly increased the Joy Elemental's speed.
-Fixed the Revolver doll's animations.
-Improved bullet animations of the Principality's lightning and the Ophanim's bullets.
-On rare occasions, you may find strange statues.
-More sound effects and voices added.
-Added an Easter egg when playing Angelic Aviary with SWWM (Big thanks to Marisa for incorporating this feature)


Download link here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/sqspqne9x14q6rm/AngelicAviary_Ver.0.92.wad/file


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Angelic Aviary v0.93 is out! This update primarily deals with the rare birds (The four hidden enemies types), increasing the chances that they'll appear when playing custom maps. The Aphrodite's Kiss has also been completed reworked.


-Menu art has been updated.
-Rare birds have a greater chance of showing up in maps that use custom enemies.
-Rare birds replace custom enemies in Ancient Aliens (AA can now be played with AA)
-Tightened up a few animations
-Multiple new sound effects and voices.
-Fixed a bug where the Kisses would get stuck in walls.

Aphrodite's Kiss
-Fixed a glitch where the statue would telefrag the player if broken open
-Reduced HP from 500 to 400
-Only the 3rd arrow fired from the AK will detonate, however, it does increased damage.
-Will always drop 2 shells on death.
-Stone shards from the broken statues have been reduced and will disappear quicker.


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Big update: Version 0.95


Download here



Major features
***Heretic compatible: Little elf boy Corvus can now take on the forces of heaven in Heretic and most Heretic compatible map packs. Enemies have been completely rebalanced to fit in with Heretic's weapons with a heavy emphasis on using timebombs of the ancients and tomes of power dropped by many angels on death. All enemies (Including D'spail) have been replaced. Gameplay is very different from Doom angels and some people may actually enjoy it more than doom angels.
***Two new rare birds: (The Forgotten maiden and the Puckish Prankster)
***Added super rare Easter egg. Happy hunting.

***Cardinals and Jays have the ability to enter a flight mode (Beta)


-Custom flight animations for Cardinals and Jays.
-Added custom fall animation to Cherubs when killed high in the air (Combined with Nashgore to make it look even more impressive).
-Added full rotation sprites to petrified Aphrodite Kisses.
-Improved Aspect of Iris's walk cycle and arm movement.
-Added custom keys and key textures for both Doom and Heretic

-Added rainbow dust effect to Iris butterflies.
-Added bonus art by Substance20

-Altered Chreub's voice to be slightly less shrill.
-Ophanim: Have a much higher chance to fall back asleep when the player leaves their line of sight. Ophanim projectiles (Not bullets) do slightly more damage.
-Virtue Virgin: Slightly decreased movement speed after taking damage.
-Dollmaykr: Summons dolls 25% faster.
-Joy elemental: Resurrects enemies slightly faster and summon putto slightly slower.
-Jay: Slightly bigger and slightly quicker. Will divebomb player if in the air.
-Shotgun Duo: Knife doll spawns immediately following the 1st doll's death.
-Forgotten maiden statues are less common and take more damage to break open. Forgotten maidens freed from these statues are much more difficult than vanilla Aphrodite's Kisses and drop extra health when re-petrified.

-Green Iris butterflies are more accurate, but have a decreased spawn rate.

-Fixed a glitch in which Cherubs, Puckish Pranksters, and Dollmaykrs would block the player on death.

-Fixed a glitch with the menus that prevented custom mod options (From other modes) from appearing.

-Normal difficultly will spawn the correct number of enemies.


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Happy (Late) 2022 everyone. Angelic Aviary v0.96 is out.

Major features
-Added over 50 new sound effects and voice clips. This including new voices for the Cardinal and Shotgun Duo.
-Health and armor drops have custom art and will fade away if not picked up quickly. Angelic health bonus can stack your maximum health to 250.
-Rebalanced all Heretic enemies to do less damage and have less HP. Cardinals and Jays will ALWAYS drop at least one timebomb of the ancients.
-Revamped the Virtue Virgin. At full health, she moves much slower and shoots out only one attack. In addition, her melee has been nerfed so that she won't insta-kill the player. As she takes damage, she gains the ability to spam more bullets and moves faster. Her melee attack becomes very powerful when nearing death.
-Added 3 more hidden Easter eggs.
-Created a "Lite" version which does not have any zscript to allow the mod to be playable with older versions of GZdoom. The only difference between Lite and standard is that lite does not have the SWWM easter egg.

-Sound pitches cannot be randomized via GZdoom menu.
-Items dropped by enemies no longer count towards the total level item count.
-Dollmaykr will always spawn dolls beneath her.
-Principality takes slightly longer to point umbrella at player.
-Many minor bug and animation fixes.

Main file Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/us6dbyeh6m7k9vp/AngelicAviary_Ver.0.96.wad/file

Lite version: https://www.mediafire.com/file/93orp4svl1dfjnb/AngelicAviary_Ver.0.96_lite.wad/file

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Big update. Version 0.97 is out

This edition focuses on difficulty, compatibility, but most importantly... FANSERVICE!

Major Features:
*New difficulty: Life and Death. Replaces Taxing+ difficulty. A twist on Nightmare difficulty. In this mode, you are forever pursued by the beautiful Arch-angels of life and death. Unlike standard angels, Arch-angels are indestructible, pass through walls and pressure the player to not linger in one place for too long. To make up for this, Arch-Angels take 60 seconds to spawn and move extremely slow. This difficulty is the ultimate challenge of Angelic Aviary and should be played with a weapon mod.
-New enemy: The destroying angel, arch-angel of death. She focuses on pure physical aggression and can kill you in seconds.
-New enemy: Willendorf, arch-angel of life. An ethereal being of pure light. She will resurrect any dead angel she crosses paths with and will deflect any projectiles shot at her.
-New hidden boss: Eve, daughter of fire: (Note, Eve needs to be turned on via option menu)
-Forgotten maiden has been complete reworked. She is a very powerful, but optional enemy the player can choose to fight. If you manage to defeat her, she will drop a special item that disables tracking missiles for 3 minutes. A risk Vs reward.
-Forgotten maidens have custom art to make them look different from Aphrodite’s Kisses.
-Added an option menu:
-Rare birds can be toggled on and off depending on your preference or to prevent certain maps from breaking. Rare birds with elements of fanservice are marked and can be toggled off.
-Added an option to turn angelic health drops into vanilla health drop. This is important when playing with weapon mods such as La Tailor Girl where angelic health drops don’t
-Fanservice: Some angels can be stripped using certain elemental damage. One can only be exclusively accessed as a La Tailor girl easter egg.
-Lithium compatibility: Angels give experience and go up in levels. (Note, you need to download the PK7 file to play this until Marrub released the next official edition. It can be found fere: https://github.com/marrub--/Lithium )
-Added over 60 new sound effects including custom voices to the Putto, Turbo Dolls, Puckish Pranksters, and a new voice to the Dollmaykr

Smol changes
-Angelic health and armor bonuses have a greater radius, making them easier to pick up.
-Principality’s alt attack shoots 15 small bolts of lightning in a row rather than 7 small bolts and one big bolt. Small bolts of lightning do less damage than before.
-Increased the Red Egg’s health from 1000 to 1250.
-Aphrodite’s Kiss arrows have a 20% chance of being a timebomb than the 3rd arrow always being a timebomb.
-Added Combined Arms V2.0 easter egg.
-Super rare statues and rare drops are much more… well, rare.

Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/t6vmymwxx8imamr/AngelicAviary_Ver.0.97._Life_and_Death.wad/file

Please enjoy!




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Smol update. Version 0.97.1. This version is focused on polishing features added in 0.97, especially the Arch-Angels.

New features
-Changed behavior of Willendorf. In addition to resurrecting dead angels, she can summon in two cherubs. These cherubs are slightly less hits than vanilla cherubs, but can travel through walls and don't leave a corpse when killed.
-Changed central attack of the Destroying angel. Gave the main fireball a rad new sprite (Original sprite by Amuscaria, slightly modified.)
-Crown of the moon powerup no longer makes player invisible. It now disables tracking missiles for 5 minutes.
-Additional sexy death animation added to an angel.
-Added an option to alter the cherub's voice. When this option is turned on, the standard cherub will have the voice of the Puckish Prankster. This is one of the most requested features people have asked for.
-Added an additional 10 voice effects.
-(???) All Barrels go to heaven

Unless something seriously breaks in this version, this will be the last update until the official v1.0. The next version will have the Crusader Queen




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