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Scrumpee's art n stuff!

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howdy! Scrumps here. wanted to make a thread specific for my doom fan content! I'm brand new to the forums so uh, go easy on me but please mention if something I do is off and I'll clean my act up!

so I'm not sure how an art thread would work, so some help would be appreciated.
should I:
- have this one post, and edit it each time I want to add art/content?
- have this one thread, and make a comment of new pieces?
- or, make a new thread for each content bundle?

people who post lots of art aye, lemme know how you folk do it!

My mediums are- Ink pens, markers, digital painting and wool/fabric! so I may be posting some plushies/knitted merch as well as comics and paintings! (I write too but im not sure what types of writing are appreciated here!)

anyway, have a modern doomlad I did to practice how his armour works. certain details are a bit off (like the posing of the BFG), but I can't change lines since they're in ink.

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