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haruko haruhara

What's your wad collecting goal

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Basically it's simple you for example like someones doom wads or mods an you want to collect them all no matter how old or new they are but with new you can collect them all but old you always can't sometimes but here is my list of wads that are my goals an most of them I already have but the ones that are mentioned on the bottom are the ones that are my goals to collect.


Das Lawrence work

The hotel v1 an 2 an 3


redheadmetalC's work

Hell after dreams 

Hell after dreams 2

Nightmare maze

Silence Hazard

In claws of mishgtun

Rhmc wmg tower

Aiwwac 1 an 2

Fist of blood 1 an 2

The hotel lost contact demo

That's probably all of what he has made I have collected the whole thing of redheadmetalC's work


Audom moy's work

Ragnarok doom

Swan fox 1 an 2

Wmg tower audom moy one

Rainbow factory

The catacombs

Half-Life 2 weapon mod

Hotline uac

Number of the beast


Doomwolf555's work

Brutal doom v18 weapon arsenal pack

Painkiller weapon mod


Gameloverenjoyer's work 


Dead silence 1 an 2

Doom space

The sombre house


Faceheadman's work 



Corrupt world demo

Which means I don't have the complete version of it yet


Marcio coeiho's work




Doom 2 guests edition

Doom 2 project void

Doom 64 project void


An for wads that I may never get but hope to add them to the collection

Lolwad.wad it was one of Marcio coeiho's wads but it's gone for good now


Serious skulltag yeah it's also gone for good too


Alphaent's older versions an mods 


Audom moy's sevncoop weapon mod it's gone for good too


But do you have a thing with collecting people's work because if you love a person's maps an monsters and weapons you want to collect them all say your thoughts about this thread if you want.



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My main goal at this point is to play everything I've downloaded at least once, beyond that it is to find and download every map ever made by the authors who I really like.  (which I've pretty much done at this point).   The rare stuff I don't worry about as it'll turn up someday when I no longer care.

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These I just got recently.  I read online they are suppose be good.  Especially the music.  I don't know any of the people behind the works of these things but I give them a +1, I seen a mod where it took 4+ years to finish...


I got tired of beating Ultimate DOOM & DOOM II, I'm almost done with FINAL DOOM (TNT Evilution almost done, plutonia next) Hope these wads will bring back the fire in DOOM i once had when I first listened to OPL3 E1M1 49716 8 chips for the first time.  Nothing can describe what I felt when I was listening to that.



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21 hours ago, vanilla_d00m said:



If you are planning to play Valiant, be prepared to deal with altered weaponry and new custom enemies (and consider using modern source ports). They may or may not please purist players but they are certainly well-done examples of how one should implement custom things in a megawad.

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My goal is to collect every Doom 64 wad, at least for the ports which support all of Doom 64's features. I have two reasons for this: one, there's not a lot of them so it's a feasible task, and two, there's some that have gone missing (or are of unknown authors).

If anyone wants to see the list of what I got or help me find some, take a look here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kgPXUDuxEaCN6nxVsWiY2lBy9XM-e9er2Z2D67azgC0/edit#gid=0
If it has no backup name, that means the link leading to it has died for me. I know I am missing a few and don't know who the authors are to many of them.

And if you want to download them, here's my archive: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q8nyzhj3hbs1x9x/AABuS-mDkXcqE9QpEbG_FjBFa

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If you are a high-quality vanilla or limit-removing wad, know this..


I will find you.


And I will play you.

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