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yes, I know that megaman 8-bit deathmatch is a thing, but this mod is made with another purpose in mind. Instead of being made for multiplayer and campaign being kind of like a deathmatch mode against bots but with bosses. This mod has the campaign of doom in mind. Instead of being for deathmatch, this mod is all about gameplay and translating the Megaman formula into a Doom like Classic First Person Shooter. There are 7 playable characters and 5 Robot Master Characters in the robot master revenge edition:


Megaman: is the most balanced, he has a semi auto buster with a charge shot alt fire. He can slide by pressing the zoom key


Protoman: Protoman has an upgraded buster that shoots bursts with the normal firing mode but shoots two charge shots in a 2 round burst. each of protoman's charge shots deal less damage than megaman's charge shot, but if both shots land, it can deal more damage than a single megaman charge shot. but the charge shot for protoman isn't recommended for long range. Also, he can't slide unlike megaman and his buster uses ammo.


Bass: Bass has a rapid fire buster and shoots incredibly fast, but it uses a lot of ammo. He has a charge shot and he has a dash and it can be preformed by pressing the zoom key


Quint: He is not a fan character or fan oc, he is actually from the gameboy megaman games. He was in Megaman 2 and 5 and other GB versions of the NES games. He was originally a boss in those games, he is a modified version of megaman from the future and given a robotic pogostick/jackhammer named sakugarne.  In this mod however, he is not a Boss, but he does have sakugarne now. Quint is now a playable character in this mod. He can shoot a 3 round burst, but its shot so fast and the kick is so great that the shots you shoot turn into a vertical spread shot. His charge shot is extremely powerful but takes a bit longer to charge. He can still slide like megaman. Sakugarne is his 2nd starting weapon, at the push of the fire key, he can jump high and slam down to the ground really hard with it. Quint can also slam down the ground on command, just press the alt fire key. Even though you can't slide while using sakugarne, the high jump you get with it can allow you to go really high. It is also good for clearing rooms of lost souls. Sakugarne does have a downside, it uses rocket ammo, and you can only have 50 rocket ammo at a time.


X: has a dash exactly the same as Bass but X is a glass cannon, he shoots powerful shots in semi auto but has the least amount of health. His charge shot is even more powerful than Quint's, but takes even longer to charge. There also versions of X in his different armors. There's Light Armor X, Giga Armor X, Max Armor X, Nova Armor X, and Ultimate Armor X. Light Armor X can shoot two big charge shots, Giga Armor X has no charge shot but he can do a screen clearing move that uses 300 cell ammo, Max Armor X has a spread shot charge shot, Nova Armor X has two X-busters (one of them has a 4 round burst charge shot and the other has the nova strike), and the Ultimate Armor has a nova strike instead of a dash that deals less damage but can be used infinitely and goes farther and the ultimate armor also has a huge charge shot.


Zero: has a dash exactly the same as X and Bass but he has sword and a different buster. it can be swung for every press of the fire button. it does a lot of damage but you have no ranged attacks besides the saber wave you can make if you charge the saber up. He also now has his Z-Buster, it can be charged up and shoot like in X3, but it also shoots high power shots like megaman x


Axl: He is similar to Bass but is faster, jumps lower, can hover, and has no charge shot. He shoots rapid fire and his Hover is done by holding the reload key. If Axl jumps and then he hovers, he will gain some lift and go higher in the air to make up for his low jump height.


Sage Harpuia: I think he was an antagonist/boss character. I think he helped out Zero sometime during the fight against omega? I am not sure because I haven't played any Megaman Zero game before, I never had a gameboy and I don't have the Megaman Zero/ZX collection. Anyways, he has a dash like the last 2 characters, has the highest jump, and wields two plasma blades. they deal more damage than zero's Z-saber (2x the damage infract), and he has more health than Zero. On the downside, he only has a melee weapon from the start and its slower than Zero's Z-Saber, but you can hold down the shoot button to keep swinging the blades. He does have a long ranged attack though, he shoot lighting out of his swords, but they only deal 8 hit points of damage (a standard buster shot is 5) and the attack is basically the lighting spell from Hexen but the sprites are colorized to match the color of Harpuia's plasma blades and it can be shot faster.


Quickman: has the highest jump and is the fastest character. he has his quick boomerang launcher, its standard boomerangs are similar to the mega buster's uncharged shots but it does less damage. but His charge shot is pretty powerful, it shoots 3 big boomerangs like a shotgun, it can defeat a cacodemon in a single blast.


Topman: has average speed and jump height, he has his top spin which can be useful, but he also can shoot top missiles with the press of the alt fire button. the top missiles are fired 3 at once and each top missile is above another like how it is in his boss fight.



Shadowman: Shadowman has good speed, low health, and average jump height. He has his Shadow Blades, they are shurikens, they are thrown kind of slow but deal a lot

of damage.


Geminiman: He can dash, he has average speed, but above average jump. he shoots his Gemini Laser, it shoots even slower than the Shadow Blade. but it does a huge amount of damage.


Starman: he has average speed, high jump, has low health, and his weapon is his Star Swarm. its normal fire is a rapid fire star shooter, not as fast as bass's Bass Buster. but it does way more damage. but the altfire charges up a Star Swarm, stars that surround starman and can kill bosses extremely fast. but due to his low amount of HP, he can die pretty fast.



you don't get weapons from zombiemen or from weapon spawns. you only get weapons from mini bosses. mini bosses are clones of robot masters or mavericks. the only exception to not getting weapons from weapon spawns are that you can get a new weapon from the chainsaw spawner, the hard knuckle. all of these mini bosses give you new guns. These mini bosses have new attacks and their attacks are supposed to be replications of their patterns from their origin games. you can find out more if you play the mod or look at the screen shots. btw there are no new maps.


My Goal with this mod is to have: a equal number of megaman classic, megaman x/megaman zero and robot master characters to play as. It also my goal to make this feel and play as much as a megaman game as I can but in the style and form of a classic First Person Shooter.


hope you find this mod fun and enjoy!

download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8qfxxt9612jcvcc/Megaman Doom.pk3?dl=1

download link for version with no custom music: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d1aw2ha3rdmjls2/Megaman Doom with no custom music.pk3?dl=1

download link for Megaman Doom: Robot Master Revenge Edition: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zxrzhykv70tufe1/Megaman Doom Robot Master Revenge Edition.pk3?dl=1

download link for Megaman Doom: Robot Master Revenge Edition and no custom music: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c78deuvuvkueenq/Megaman Doom Robot Master Revenge Edition with no music.pk3?dl=1


Credits: Nirvana Star (for Star Man sprite), Napst (Quint Sprites), BuraiLaplayce (Axl Sprites), Capcom (for every other sprite, sound, and graphic in this mod), and VGmusic.com (the new music)


DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything in this mod besides the code and some custom sprites (the sprites for First person viewing of your mega buster and other weapons, and the back sprites of Starman), because everything I coded myself. This Mod Should not be sold, Ever. This is a Fan Mod made for doom not being sold for any money. I made this mod because I love the megaman series, I wanted to show that love in this mod; and there is only 1 guy working on this mod, me. This mod is transformative enough to not effect sales of megaman games (if they are still even being created) and is transformative enough to not even be like an actual megaman game. 


version/update log:

0.9: the version the mod was first released as

1.0: fixed the stonewall weapon not giving you ammo

1.1: replaced the health bonus, stimpack, and medkit with the health things from megaman and added more megaman sounds to make it feel more megaman like

1.2: fixed the death message when you die to the skiver clone to say you died to it and the Dive Man clone. I also made it so that The Skiver Clone drops the Boost Blaster instead of the Dive Missile as intended (yes, the skiver clone was supposed to get his own weapon).

1.3: added a new title screen and sound effects

1.4: thanks to Gez, I was able to fix the color issue with the player sprites. I also added some new sounds.

1.5: fixed weapons not giving you ammo on pickup and heavily modified stone man's behavior. 

1.6: Added Quickman and Shadowman as playable characters, I am going to add Axl as a playable character in a later update, I need permission to use a sprite sheet, and I might take a few months to get a reply. I promise if I ever get a reply I will instantly add him as a playable character. I also added Quickman as a Boss

1.7: added Topman as a playable character.

1.8: added Geminiman to replace Topman, but he is still playable if you liked playing as him in a variation of this mod.

1.9: got rid of every robot master and put them into a different version of this mod: Robot Master Revenge Edition. and in the Robot master Revenge Edition, I added new characters that are all robot masters and ones that were originally in older versions of this mod.

2.0: added Starman to Robot Master Revenge Edition.

2.1: made all of the weapons have better weapon slots. I also made the quick boomerang better, it is now kind of a auto shotgun, the boomerangs also now have a bigger hitbox and the quick boomerang has less kick.

2.2: changed starman's sprite again and also made his weapon more balanced. now the shield uses ammo but not his normal attack.

2.3: fixed Starman not giving you his weapon in the "megaman doom with no custom music" pk3 file and also added the hard knuckle that replaces the chainsaw

2.4: added Zero's Z-Buster and changed the dash button to the zoom key

2.5: YESSS!!! FINALLY!!! I FIGURED IT OUT!!! I was able to add sliding into my mod without using Zscript or ACS (dashing is also not a ACS or Zscript Script)

2.6: added Quint (MM2GB and MM5GB and More) and Harpuia (MMZ1-4) as playable characters

2.6.9: fixed an error were I accendently made an object that has no sprites replace the fireball the imps through and got rid of it

2.7: added a new boss that replaced the clone of Megaman X, Brightman (his weapon is the old version of Quint's weapon).  got rid of the Bass clone enemy, refined the behavior of the bosses to be more hectic and made they jump a lot like actual megaman bosses from the actual megaman games. Bosses as of this update: Diveman, Brightman, Starman, Quickman, Stoneman, and The Skiver/Spiral Pegasus.

2.8: made it so that Shadowman can slide and made Geminiman 

2.9/3.0: this one update is technically two updates in one, now the custom music is way better (the songs are actually good and fit the levels), also there are 4 new bosses: Shadowman and Pirateman. these Bosses have their own weapons and their behaviors are as refined as the new behaviors of the old bosses.

3.1: fixed a bug that didn't allow the mod to launch

3.1.9: fixed the fact that the projectile starman fires does too much damage, now it does less damage and is more far now

3.2: made it so that charge shots can go through multiple enemies at once like in the actual megaman games and changed the way Harpuia and Quint Play

3.3: made Harpuia's long ranged lighting attack slower so He is less overpowered.

3.3.5: made Harpuia's lightning attack a little faster

3.3.9: made Bass's view height fit his actual height  

3.4: fixed Quint's death animation being the same as Megaman

3.4.5: fixed the issue with Zero not being able to use his Zbuster

3.4.9: made Zero's Z-Buster use ammo instead of it only using ammo if you charge it up

3.5: made it so that the X Buster doesn't disappear when you dash and made it so that bass's height and his view height matches his sprites height

3.6: added Axl and changed Harpuia's name in game to Sage Harpuia

3.6.5: Axl has way more starting ammo

3.6.9: fixed a bug where Axl had negative starting ammo

3.7: fixed a bug where Quint will play the Sakugarne animation if you slide after using sakugarne.

3.8: made the Shadowman deal less damage and is way easier to fight (the video below shows a slightly older version of the mod that makes it so that shadowman is really hard to kill, but now he is way more far to fight.

3.9: made Bass start with way more ammo and the plasma shot uses way more ammo

4.0: I balanced the weapons out and I also made the characters be more up to scale. I also allowed shadowman to slide

4.1: added the X armors from Megaman X1-X4







Edited by Give Me Ya Pretzels : adding video and new update

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3 hours ago, P41R47 said:

This with a properly disgned mapset could be really awesome!
Keep at it, pal!

thank you (I meant to quote you but I accidentally posted thank you without quoting you. so you will see thank you twice). just follow the post so you can see updates for the mod. and also I am not the best at map making. it would be cool if the people who made eviternity could make a map pack for this mod

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Very well! BTW, do you have any plans of adding more MMX stuff?

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14 minutes ago, DSC said:

Very well! BTW, do you have any plans of adding more MMX stuff?

I would add More MMX bosses but there aren’t many bosses with back sprites or front sprites (I used ladder sprites for back sprites for the playable charecters) 

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29 minutes ago, Give Me Ya Pretzels said:

it would be cool if the people who made eviternity could make a map pack for this mod

That is kinda extreme hahah

They are busy people, but if they like the project maybe they would like to contribute somehow.


A map by yourself will be more fitting than anything because you  made the mod and know how the monsters behave.

Don't feel bad about your mapping, everyone get better with practice ;)

And if you make good map, people will get interested in the project, and more mappers will like to contribute.

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2 hours ago, P41R47 said:

That is kinda extreme hahah

They are busy people, but if they like the project maybe they would like to contribute somehow.


A map by yourself will be more fitting than anything because you  made the mod and know how the monsters behave.

Don't feel bad about your mapping, everyone get better with practice ;)

And if you make good map, people will get interested in the project, and more mappers will like to contribute.

aw, thank you so much! I try tomorrow, maybe I can use textures from megaman games so it would fitting. and BTW, would you want to try out my other mods? I think the best one besides this one is my Plutonia Revamped mod, but it would be cool if you could check other ones out. thank you for being so supportive! 

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I just relized that Starman's death sprite was the same as Bass's so I fixed it.

10/2/2020: I just realized that I forgot to git rid of the old bass boss from the older versions of this mod in the no music versions of Megaman Doom and Megaman Doom Robot Master Revenge

Edited by Give Me Ya Pretzels

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YES!!! I FINALLY ADDED SLIDING FOR MEGAMAN IN THIS MOD!!! HE NEVER COULD NEVER DO IT UNTIL NOW!!! Protoman can't slide because of balancing reasons (I think it Protoman being more powerful than megaman but megaman can slide, allowing him to have better agaility and protoman not having it allows this mod to be more balanced, it makes you have another reason to play as megaman).

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YES! I teased this update all the way back when this mod was in its 1.0 updates but I GOT PERMISSION TO USE SOME SPRITES OF AXL AND NOW HE IS PLAYABLE!!! I added the the new update link now, so just click on it and get the mod even if you already had it

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i have an idea for you you say x is basically a glass cannon well what if you hid red armor parts around the game (and since you used the x3 sprites it could be the 3rd armor but different effects) the boots could give x a double dash the body parts could make x no longer a glass cannon maybe about as tough as protoman (nearly as tough as megaman but not quite) the arm parts could make x's buster no longer use ammo and finally the head parts could make x's weapons chargeable (if possible)

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doubt it most people who are fans of each franchise would stick to what they like in other words i stick to classic even though x is more powerful because i love the series so i wouldnt worry and who knows maybe add more than one set of armor and based on the sprite layout looks like the light (x1) giga (x2) as well as the max armor from x3 we already discussed can fit but i do think there is an ultimate armor sprite sheet for x that someone made (it will be handy in nightmare im sure)

Edited by ledbullet100

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Your right, I will add every armor version of X from X1-X4 as new playable characters (because the falcon armor would be overpowered cuz it is already overpowered in the game it’s in and those are the best X games). This includes the ultimate Armor and I can think of a way to balance these armors. I am so sorry that this took almost an entire year for you to convince me and for me to want to add them. I do remember thinking of adding the X armors from Megaman X1-3 when I was making the first version of this mod but the sprites I found were sprites that are supposed layered on top of X but were not already layered and I was too lazy to edit the sprites. Maybe I can find sprites that are already edited with the armor parts on X or just edit them on. Thank you.

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Also sorry for saying I will add it by July. I didn’t have any motivation at the time to work on anything doom and then I forgot about what I said. I promise I will start today. I got to work on it until school starts.

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Ok, here is a progress update, I got the 1st Armor done, the 2nd armor done, and the 3rd armor done. I couldn't get all of the X armors done by the start of school so now I can only work on it over the weekend but it should be done by the end of this weekend or the next! :)

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