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Need to find some hard WADs for newbies in DOOM.

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After my chill days in short level packs, I decided that I need to get back into the pit for actual fighting and, God, forgive me for saying this, to git gud. My peak level of difficulty right now is UV pistol-start Plutonia, which is very probably nothing to at least mediocre forum players in there. If more short - I thought that I am going to get good in original Doom fast enough after completing both 2016 and Eternal on Nightmare (Yes, I know, I am very-very stupid), so.. Yeah, for now, I need to get really good. Can you tell me in which way it's going to be best to start from? If you can, drop some WADs in difficulty order from easy/Plutonia-like to a n a l destroyers. Sorry for shameless plug. I am dumb d u m b o .

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