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Slayer vs. Damage

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The Slayer, well, most of us here know him, is astonishing in his accomplishments against all that hell and the heavens have thrown at him. Supernatural and mechanical. Through skill and the arsenal of every worthy weapon he could find, the Doomslayer has proven to be too much for hell that it spit him out into Argent D'Nur and locked him away years after during the holy crusades.


I was wondering how he would fare against one of DC comics' strongest characters: Damage, a super-solider named Ethan Avery, who gained the ability to transform into a giant, super powered form for exactly one hour. Just how strong is Damage? Even given just an hour, the monster has proven able to make short work of modern military weaponry like tanks and aircrafts. On top of that, he has defeated the Suicide Squad, Poison Ivy, and even proved to be too much for someone like Wonder Woman to handle. The Hulk often tells us that he’s the strongest there is, so when DC Comics decided to create its own version of the Hulk, it makes sense he would be able to measure up. This is why it has been implied that the powerful super soldier codenamed Damage is actually even stronger than Superman.





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