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Custom switch textures not animated


I have three switch texture sets named SW1/SW2FACE2, SW1/SW2SNAK2, and SW1/SW2TEK1. When they're used on a linedef, the action the switch is supposed to do does happen, however the texture never switches to SW2. Did I name them wrong or there something else wrong?

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10 minutes ago, baronofgibbitude said:

Did I name them wrong

The names do not really matter. Cf. Switch:


Switches in Doom follow the convention of having a name prefixed by SW1 (for the “Off” version) and SW2 (for the “On” version). However, this is purely a convention; the engine works with a hardcoded list of names, and a pair of custom textures named, for example, SW1DUMMY and SW2DUMMY will not be considered as a switch.


You can use SLADE to create a SWITCHES lump that will let you add custom switches (keep the vanilla Doom switches in it, though). It'll work with any Boom-compatible port, but not in vanilla.


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Download the utility from either link



and unzip to find


Open DEFSWANI.DAT in a text editor and edit according to what you want.

For example for a new switch in DOOM2/BOOM:

#switches usable with each IWAD, 1=SW, 2=registered DOOM, 3=DOOM2
#epi    texture1        texture2

3       SW1GOTH2        SW1GOTH4
3       SW1GOTH1        SW1GOTH3 

save as name.dat and drag onto SWANTBLS.EXE to create the lump SWITCHES.lmp.


Open your pwad in Slade3 and drag SWITCHES.lmp to the bottom of the lumps.


For G/ZDoom use ANIMDEFS.

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