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Project Doom, A Doom Platformer Game - Progress #2

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This is the my 2nd video about he progress of my game that i'm still currently developing.

I hope you like it!

if you wanna follow the progress of my game, please consider subscribing to my channel, it will be such a huge help.

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1 hour ago, InDOOMnesia said:

I like the shotgun jump mechanic and how you implemented the infighting.

Thank you. It was hard to implement the infighting because the code that i made first wasn't compatible with it so i had to remake that chunk of code again lol

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4 hours ago, Swordofdanu said:

Just subbed, looking forward to seeing this unfold. 

Thank you!

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11 hours ago, TheNoob_Gamer said:

What is that HURT meter on the hud?

oh its tells whats the color to blend in the enemy. if its 0 the rgb is 255,0,0 making it red(the hurt also adds +5 every frame so it returns to 255). i forgot to remove before recording so i just left it there because i was too lazy to record another one.

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