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How to preview MIDIs in Slade3 x64

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Tutorial: How to make midis play in slade3


As you know, in the 64-bit version of Slade3 you can't play the midi lumps directly, because I don't know why FluidSynth doesn't work for them. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make TiMidity ++ work in slade3 in order to preview the midi lumps.

This tutorial is for Windows. For GNU-Linux / Mac I don't know how it is, because I don't use Mac or GNU-Linux, sorry.


1) Download TiMidity++: From the official website: http://timidity.sourceforge.net/

2) Unzip it anywhere: I put it in a folder inside the Slade3 folder. It should appear with these files:


3) Download a soundfont. TiMidity ++ cannot work without a soundfont! In this tutorial we will use FluidR3_GM.sf2, which you can download from here: https://member.keymusician.com/Member/FluidR3_GM/index.html. Then put it anywhere, I have it inside the TiMidity ++ folder to make it easier.

4) Create a file called TiMidity.cfg, where we will specify in soundfont:


inside the file we put:

soundfont [and the path of the soundfont]

in my case, I put the entire root of the soundfont file:




Ready, now if we open any midi with timw32g.exe, it will sound.


4) Now comes the Slade3 part: Open Slade3, go to Edit and from there to Preferences. Inside the window that appears go to Audio:



Mark where it says "Use Timidity", and then put the path of the executable file "timw32g.exe". In my case, ***/SLADE/TiMidity++-2.15.0/timw32g.exe


Now you can play any midi/mus/etc, and it will play. It can not sound the same as in Doom/GZDoom/etc, because the sound output depends on the instruments of the soundfont.

If you want the output be like the default soundfont, download the RLNDGM.SF2 soundfont from here: https://musical-artifacts.com/artifacts/724


Also, Doomkid has a video comparing 200 soundfonts, so you can choose one you like if you want:






- The timpp32g.ini file isnt on the downloaded zip file, instead is generated if it doesnt exist.

- If you want Timidity++ to sound like GZDoom, set the soundfont file path to the "gzdoom.sf2" soundfont inside the "soundfonts" folder on GZDoom folder.

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I followed your instructions and have mine setup similar. Timidity plays just fine but Slade refuses. I'll continue to mess around with it. Eventually, I'll get it to work. Thanks for the tutorial.

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