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[Style] Lowering floor textures: which to match?

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This is more of an opinion poll on style rather than an problem to solve, but sometimes, on lowering floors, the floor texture of the surrounding room is notably different than that of the wall it was a part of. For example, I have a room with blue carpet, but grey cement walls, and one section of the walls lowers to reveal another closet with blue carpet. The section of wall which lowers - should it have blue carpet to match the rest of the floor, or a texture which matches the grey wall?


(I realize this could be a case-by-case basis.)

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I tend to prefer floors and ceilings to match their lower/upper texture.


In this case, if it badly clashes with the surrounding floors you could have the lowering wall in an alcove that's 8 or 16 higher or lower than the rest of the room, and which has the same floor as the lowering wall.


Another solution is to have the wall lower to 8 above the surrounding floors rather than the same level.

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Generally I'd either have the same floor texture on the lowering wall (especially if the player isn't really going to see the top of the wall before it finishes lowering) so that everything matches nicely, or have the wall lower to 8 units above the floor and give it a floor texture that matches the wall. 


Alternatively, you can add a little trim that the wall lowers to, something like this:





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Or a little gutter, so the wall lowers to a height lower than the floor. If the total width of the gutters + lowered wall is less than the the width fo the player, then you can't "fall" in it and that results in a non-bumpy movement when crossing it. I think it looks better, too.


When lowering walls into water, you should use something where the floor texture on the lowering wall changes, so it looks like it goes below the surface.

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