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Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my texture wad file?


I am trying to port all Half-Life 2 textures to Doom, but when I try to load up the wad in a level I get this error: "Texture definition expected, found '‰PNG'"


Also, is there a way to make all of the textures the same XScale and YScale using only one line of code?


Here is my wad file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QQiDVI0N3Z8a80T-si82cBEfiJ1smqHO/view?usp=sharing

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Based on what you've written, I have a few ideas about what may be wrong. Unfortunately, I don't have permission to access the google drive link you posted.

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Thanks for the feedback, now you should be able to access the wad.

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I did not try your texture pack as is, so I do not know what is up with the error you get.


What I did concerning the scaling was that I extracted all pngs into a folder and then used the batch processing tool in XnView and scaled all textures to 25%. Then I created a new archive with Slade3 and stuck all the scaled textures between TX_ markers. All of that took about 5 minutes and very little labor on my part.


Loading that texture pack into a test map yielded this




If you really want to edit the TEXTURES lump, then I guess you could do this with a macro in Notepad++, but that would still be a chore to do for over 2500 entries.

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